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    1860 Army

    Ubertis use to be the best but when Pietta when to new CNC machines they are just a cut above Uberti in fit of parts and gun assembly. I think Uberti has the better cosmetic looks but falls short on internal parts fit . I purchased a Uberti Walker about a month ago and was very disappointed in...
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    I can't get my new uberti Walker apart

    I also had a heck of a time removing the barrel from the frame of my brand new Walker (one month old). I had to use a rawhide mallet to separate the two. Smacking the top interface between barrel and cylinder then on the ram rod alternating between the two areas before it released the barrel...
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    Some mugs I made to pass the time

    I did not add any weight because they were glued to the wood base. I rarely make them as free standing but as a display of multiples as shown. I use my stock cut-offs for most of the "glasses".
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    Some mugs I made to pass the time

    I've made maple wine and cordial "glasses" as display items ---
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    Weak main spring

    Now that's funny 🤪 ---- In reply to OP - I would buy a replacement spring then I would "experiment" on the original weak spring to get knowledge on how to harden and temper that spring for future spring issues;)
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    Pedersoli side by side

    Unless it's a custom shotgun the generic shotguns will not have any cast off or cast on to the stock. They are made to fit the general population same with length of pull.
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    Hammer/nipple connection

    How about just leaving it be and shoot it? Replace the nipples when needed and continue shooting-- I know there are folks out there that like to tinker and that's all well and good. I only fix things when something stops working :ghostly: ;)
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    Parker Hale Volunteer lock broken.

    I agree with 54 bore on the cause of the broken tumbler :ThankYou:--- worn out flash hole of the nipple/ incorrect nipple which caused the hammer to be forced back violently to cause the tumbler to be broken:dunno:. Glad you got it fixed :thumb: :horseback:
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    Minnie Ball Transport

    I make up a wood block with holes sized to hold the paper cartridges I make up then put them into a cigar box to take to the range
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    Best .58 Minie Bullet Mold?

    I prefer a steel mold over aluminum for big bullets. Once the mold heats up it stays at that temperature longer and is more constant in temperature which translates to a better poured bullet.
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    Bore mops

    Hum --- never used one on my muzzle loaders:dunno:. I only use patches and a jag - easy - peasy and you can wash the patches also to get more mileage out of them :thumb::ghostly:. I think the patch and jag combo cleans very well for me so why add an extra cost into the mix?
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    My first patch knife

    Using a torch - propane will work - heat the blade up which will soften the epoxy and pull out that ugly blade☹. Make a new and better styled blade and redo that good looking antler horn into a nice knife --- sorry for being so frank but that antler handle deserves a better looking blade :ghostly:
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    Gunstock prices....

    In 1981 I purchased a maple log from a sawmill that was 12 feet long and about 30" in diameter. I had the saw mill cut it into 3"thick planks then cut it into 6 foot lengths -- total price was $54 and it was 75% very figured curly maple :thumb:
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    Can anyone give me some information on a flintlock I have owned for about 20 years pictures below

    I use to buy those in kit form from DGW then assemble them and sell them. They were a novelty and would go bang - most of the time. They were made in Spain and if I remember correctly their cost as a kit was around $20.00. The shield and escutcheon were chrome plated on the kits that I purchased...
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    Lock size

    I would also pick the Chambers Late Ketland for this project - very good lock :thumb: :horseback: