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    eBay guns

    If you buy from EBAY as a "guest" you will have a hard time getting a refund on your purchased returned item I found this out the hard way. It took me over a month to get a refund and I had to jump through hoops to finally get it. It is almost impossible to talk to a real person and computer...
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    What is the best way to measure the bore?

    My Tingle copy is called a .44 caliber and takes a .433 ball if that's any help to you. Otherwise, I would find a lead ball of about .45 caliber and smack it into the muzzle then take a course wood screw and thread it into the ball and pull it out then measure it.
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    Did I get sold bad caps?

    You may need new nipples. The ones you have maybe battered and not allowing the caps allow total contact with the top of the nipple when the hammer strikes.
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    CVA 1860 Navy front site help

    VTI is a gun parts supplier - GOOGLE it --
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    ML prices when powder is n/a

    When supplies are tight prices go UP - fact along with all the accessories.
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    Need help identifying Uberti model.

    I've not seen the Uberti mark on the frame before the ones I have seen were on the underside of the barrel. :dunno:
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    Correct flask for 1849 Colt pocket

    I purchased two repo's from Pedersoli <DP-535-31 Baby Copper Powder Flask> for use in a display box along with the pistol and other accessories. It looks good to my eyes and did not break the bank.
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    CVA 1860 Navy front site help

    Where is the original front sight blade? Did it come out and you lost it or are you trying to replace it with a taller one? Try VTI parts for a replacement or call them and tell them what you want to do.
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    Packing with grease

    A lot of good info here. :thumb: If I was a competitive shooter I would use the "fill the cavity with grease" method but as a casual shooter I opt for the non "fill the cavity with grease" method.;):ThankYou:
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    Punch for thick .50 wads?

    You could buy cheap hole saw and grind the teeth off and put an edge on it.
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    Hole punch

    All my hole punches for wads & patches I have made out of tool steel which I either hardened and temper or leave as is. Mine are for use with a drill press or a hand electric drill. There are ones out there already made for sale but you will pay dearly for a quality one. Look on Harbor Freight...
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    barrel or rebore??

    To have it re-bored by Hoyt it will most likely be around $150 to $175 (my guess - I had a barrel re-bored some years back and it was $125). If you buy a new barrel it will be at least $200 or above for a new or GOOD used barrel - you decide -- :dunno: :thumb::ThankYou:
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    have any of you ever made your own Leaf Spring?

    I've also tried O-1 but did not have good consistent results - more broken than good ones. I'll stick with 1075 - 1084. Note: I use a torch for my heat source and a lead pot for my tempering. I guess if you had a temperature controlled oven then you would get better results with O-1.
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    have any of you ever made your own Leaf Spring?

    I started making my own leaf/flat springs back in the early 70's with dismal success. I saw Kit Ravenshear at Dixons one year forging a spring out in front of Dixon's front door of their store during one of their Gunmaker's Fair. Kit made it look easy so I purchased his set of paperback books...
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    My Powder Horn is illegal in California

    Well - Gee - only fill it with one pound - simple fix