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    Second this. Good people.
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    Made the Kibler Leap

    Sunday I was working a bit on my rifle and I made a blunder. Lock bite is real. The flint got me right in the web of my palm. It's healing up fine but the shame still stings mightily. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
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    New Flint Wallet and Ball Bag

    I just got a new flint wallet and ball bag from Cory Joe Stewart at Long Branch Longrifles to go with the powder horn I got from him a while back. Great stuff. Putting all of this together for my .36 Kibler SMR that I'm working on (slowly).
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    The personal billy

    Are these pics from Goose Bay? I have one of their Corn Boilers from 15-20 years ago. I love it. It's well made and just a very neat object. It's one of my very favorite pieces of kit.
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    Cossack Rifle by Steve Krolick

    Very nice. Is it meant to be fired from the shoulder or is the butt tucked under the armpit?
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    FOR SALE Traditions Crockett .32

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Made the Kibler Leap

    My kit showed up Monday. I had an appendectomy/hernia repair operation last Thursday so I've not been able to do much until yesterday and today. Still moving slow. Started on the dry fit. Everything is pretty good. I struggled with the butt plate last evening until I got exasperated and went to...
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    Made the Kibler Leap

    A beautiful long wooden crate showed up just a bit ago. The cherry is beautiful and much more figured than I expected. I'm very pleased. I'll work on it slowly over the coming weeks. I've waited for this for over two years. I'm a happy gent. I'm going to go with no stain, just Tried and True...
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    Made the Kibler Leap

    There are worse problems to have!
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    Made the Kibler Leap

    I received an email from Lori today. My kit has shipped. I'm excited to begin on this.
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    CLOSED Beeswax Candles

    Try Lehman's in Ohio. Great people that have been around forever.
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    Made the Kibler Leap

    About $36, I think. It's pricey but it's quality stuff and 5 lbs will last me a long time. I'll be happy to have it.
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    Made the Kibler Leap

    I received an email and a call just now from Pauline at Maine Powder House. She's received her shipment of black powder and my 5 pounds of Swiss 3F should be shipped within two weeks. Great news.
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    Jim Kibler got it to me quickly

    I remember reading years ago that the Boys Militia of Williamsburg carried blue painted muskets. I've seen photos of them somewhere as well.