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    I tested several pines, they were fast, but very dirty as well. The exception for me in that family was cedar. I also tried sumac, wild grape, and willow, with willow and cedar being very close. Several on a different forum were using cedar pet bedding to great effect.
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    Cherokee maxi ball load

    I would try something other than the bore butter, I use a heavier lube made of tallow,bees wax and olive oil with excellent accuracy in my .45 seneca with 60g fffg and a maxi. Just to test, I shot the same rifle/load with bore butter, and it shot all over at 100yd. Back to my lube, and back down...
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    Have had excellent results with cedar for my charcoal, fast,and clean. It's right there with willow in my experience.
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    Kibler Flintlock--question about cleaning and spots on barrel

    Looks like your gun/lock is either in-the-white, or a light patina finish. A little sctchbrite would clear that right up. I have also used a Big 45 Frontier rust remover scrub. It's amazing, will not harm bluing, but takes rust right off, good for lead deposits in the bore as well. Don't worry...
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    12b v. 20b SxS field comparison

    Nice, what a blessing to have a boy that hunts with you. The fact he doesn't miss is a bonus. Thats a good example of finding the most efficient load for each gun. Loaded properly, a 20ga can do nearly anything a 12 can do.
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    September 2021 Postal Match

    That was a nicely done video. If a few more of the YT creators could get involved and make a few videos like yours, there is no doubt we would be able to up participation, and new members alike. Nice job.
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    Ignition plus stuck ball puzzle

    Just a guess...Maybe a dryball that got caught on a heavy crud ring, making it appear to be fully seated on a charge, but really sitting on nothing.
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    Staining and Finishing Time

    You're apparently getting the hang of this. As usual, very nice work indeed.
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    Tennessee Valley Muzzleloading Fowler Kit

    I have one signed by Matt Avance in ,62 cal. I believe it has a Large Siler lock. I have found it to be quite reliable, and it throws good patterns. However, the stock configuration tends to slap me in the face a bit. It's quite consistent with ball loads as well. Overall, I find it to be a very...
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    October 2021 Postal Match

    Nice, you seem to have lost nothing by going to a .480 ball. Ease of loading alone makes it worth a try. Nice shooting.
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    .45 Cherokee load

    I would say probably good enough. Too much recoil can crack the stock behind the lock area, and 70g should give enough for75- 100yd deer. I have a .45 Seneca, and shoot 60g in it with a maxiball with good results. Those stocks are hard to find if you need a replacement.
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    TC 56 smoothbore

    I have used .535 and a thick patch, but Tc, and Lyman both made a .550 roundball mold specifically for the .56 Renegade. They show up from time to time, but are usually pricy.
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    What should my first one be?

    Well, probably percussion to start. I would suggest looking for a decent used CVA or Traditions gun to start. If you can find a decent Thompson center Hawken or Renegade for cheap, that would be better. I have bought a few for under $150 locally, however, they typically go for much more if folks...