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    TOW powder horn

    I have one horn that has a filling port in the plug, the other 4 have a fixed finial. Powder Horns & More have some with that option but I picked up several otoscope cones several years ago and they work 👍. Good advice; In my last annual Medicare exam, I was seen by a young resident who kindly...
  2. William O.

    500 Yards, Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade .50 Cal

    Beginners luck, that's all. Strictly unrepeatable and photoshopped all the way too! I notice that there are no affidavits or sworn depositions included on the video either so I'm calling BS. 🤯 Gotta go, the men in the white jackets are here to give me my meds. Mind blown btw! It is a neat sound...
  3. William O.

    Jacks Battle Powder accuracy

    It may be made by Goex but it is certainly not the equivalent. I tried it then traded what I had left for Goex.
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    What are you putting your money on. Draw

    A brace of 5.5 inch 58 Remington's and, depending on the time period, 45 LC conversion cylinders in my gun belts reloading pouch.
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    FOR SALE For you lefties out there!! LH .54cal. flintlock.

    Dang it! Again, it's too short for me! Such a nice LH rifle is going to look stupid when I have to glue an inch of cork to the butt plate... 😳
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    .54 Colonial in Cherry off the bench

    I'll second that. It seems to me that cherry is gaining in popularity over the past few years.
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    1" groups at 25 yards, 10" at 50 yards?

    Excellent advice!
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    Out of retirement help

    When I first started out shooting muzzleloaders I tried them too. I had to learn the hard way that when using a substitute powder that burns hotter than traditional black, plastic skirted projectiles tend to become one with the bore and render cleaning an exercise in futility. The other thing I...
  9. William O.

    WITHDRAWN Beautiful .50 Custom Hawken

    You're killing me, just killing me and I'm a lefty!
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    Out of retirement help

    The best powder to use is 3f traditional black powder. Then you won't have to use a musket cap to ignite the powder charge. Get a stainless steel nipple like the Spitfire or the bronze Treso nipple, #11 cap. Start with 50 grains of 3f; I like Goex. Put your target at 40-50 yards so you can...
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    Alpha-gal tick virus

    Dang, does the misery ever stop with this disease?
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    New BP shooter here

    Welcome from South Texas! I'm always glad to see new folks getting into BP shooting and I think that we (BP users, muzzleloader shooters) should try to replace ourselves.
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    Triple 7 ignition problems

    Early on I used T7 and experienced the same problems as you have had. Even went to a 209 primer set-up. T7 was the only powder that gave me a very painful hangfire as well. Here is my advice, free of charge. Your mileage may vary. First, get real black powder. I use Goex and I order it. It's...
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    FOR SALE Turkey killing Machine FS

    Hold it right side up the lock is on the correct side! 🙃
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    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    My sincere condolences.