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  1. William O.

    what do you use when swabbing between shots?

    I think the type of material the swab is made of makes a difference so I use 100% cotton flannel. Then I cut into appropriate sized squares and place in a container along with several drops of rubbing alcohol, just enough that all the material is barely dampened. If you can squeeze out a drop...
  2. William O.

    .50 vs .54 accuracy

    One more thing to add is the weight of the barrel which would matter in hunting or for a woods walk. The same length barrel, assuming both have the same diameter, in .50 will be heavier and feel more nose heavy than one with a 54 caliber bore. This might be a concern or not.
  3. William O.

    .50 vs .54 accuracy

    I've seen no difference in accuracy between the two. However, I have found that in my experience my .54 rifle with the 1:48 twist seemed easier to find it sweet spot and most accurate powder charge than my other .54 or .50's with slower twist rates.
  4. William O.

    Mag spark

    I had one many years ago when I got my first muzzleloader. It worked but with all the problems already noted in this and previous threads. Once I learned how to properly load, swab and clean my rifle correctly, including switching to real black powder, there were no more ignition problems with cap
  5. William O.

    Favorite Target for Load Development

    Excellent advice. Load development should be methodical changing only one variable at a time; that being the amount of powder. Keep the patch material and lube the same for every shot and do not adjust the sights, that comes later. I'm also a fan of the Shoot n See type targets, especially the...
  6. William O.

    SOLD Traditions Crockett Rifle .32

    Mine came with both wood and aluminium. I bought it NOS about four years ago.
  7. William O.

    Silver Minie Ball

    One witch in particular? If not, witch one?
  8. William O.

    Summer Hog

    Let me know if you need a place to hunt hogs. I used to guide on several different ranches here in Texas and still have a few contacts left. Depending of course on where your son lives and how far you're willing to drive.
  9. William O.

    How often do you replace the nipple ?

    I think the Treso nipples are described as bronze, AMPCO bronze if that helps. Usually the factory supplied nipples are mild steel and are not very good to start with. Lots of advice to immediately go with stainless or start with Treso nipples.
  10. William O.

    Tried Balistol / Water today

    Ballistic is a water soluble oil which mixes with water. The ratio for dry lube is anywhere from 9-1 to 5-1, with most people choosing the 7-1 as being most accurate for them after testing. I also cut at the muzzle and buy 100% cotton mattress ticking at the local fabric store. After washing and...
  11. William O.

    I’m in too deep auction buy…..

    Ibid. Ramin wood is not to be trusted! I used those dowels for years and didn't understand runout or the need for ramrods to be split out and then shaped. Until my short starter failed under pressure! Even though I didn't impale my hand the cut was sufficiently painful enough to motivate me the...
  12. William O.

    FOR SALE Good news from Friendship

    Same here, not quite as many but great fun.
  13. William O.

    SOLD The Real McCoy LH .36

    Can't, not anymore.
  14. William O.

    First Muzzleloading Kit Build Thread

    Really sorry to see this happen and I agree that there was a moisture content problem with the stock and not your fault. If this was a built from scratch project then repairing the wood would be the way to go. However, this problem came from the factory and would have eventually manifested...