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    Little Primer

    I'd also like to say thanks for sharing that with us. it's a great looking horn!
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    new flinter

    That rifle, as far as I'm concerned is the definition of functional beauty! What a find!
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    T/C Hawken

    I was one of those youngsters ten years back. All I cared about being in the Navy Sea Cadets was rate of fire, penetration, and quick sighting. My uncle took me to the range in Chino, Ca. He set us up and told me "now, I'm going to teach you right." I figured what could my uncle know over a...
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    Idiot's guide to traditional mocs

    also, depending upon the location you're basing your character from, I know the Kaibab/Navajo style traditional mocs are much hardier in the sole department. Right now I'm just trying to find someone that has them. I'm based out of Arizona, so I figured a Taos persona would be better suited...
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    Idiot's guide to traditional mocs

    thanks, that's what I was wondering too. Usually I've noticed when someone uses a name that makes it seem like they're authentic, it's usually quite the opposite. Oh well, thanks for the head's up.
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    Walker colts

    no problem. the first re-enactment group I joined is a pirate group based out of southern california. Great group, and there I used flintlock exclusively... so when it came to SASS it was a huge technological advancement to me just to have a rotating barrel and caps too! Glad I could help...
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    Looking for a kilt

    also, as a side note, to some it's considered an insult if you wear a tartan that isn't in your bloodline, just an fyi. But, if you're trying to go for a kilt style that's before the 19th century, than it won't have the specific family tartan, also it will more than likely be a scratchy wool...
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    Slouch hats

    I know this may be a couple weeks old, but I've just ordered a hat blank from looks like the textbook height on the crown that you may be looking for.
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    Idiot's guide to traditional mocs

    On the subject of a complete idiot's guide to some good mocs... is yatahai any good? they have some great looking mocs just curious about wear and tear... thanks
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    Walker colts

    Right now, I've been shooting a friend's Walker... I originally wanted 1851s or 1858s but after firing his, I fell in love with it. I've asked him the same question, and he said minus the parts that wear over time, such as the nipples, some springs, etc... the gun is built rock solid. Think of...
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    Newcomer's working persona

    alright, since no one is posting replies, I'll further elaborate what I thought I could do. Here, on these forums I initially wanted to just further the background story of my "cowboy" character, seeing as there is a "Civil War" topic area. What I'm looking for is if there is for any...
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    vincent project

    In "Guns of the Old West" issue number 54, Summer 2007, there is a special on conicals with black powder revolvers and their advantages and disadvantages. The article is titled "Battle of the Bullets" by Mike Beliveau. He stated that during the "middle of the 19th century conical bullets were...
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    My Ancestor as a Persona

    yeah, I was always into re-enacting. I'm part of a california pirate group and the frontier has always amazed me. It's my emphasis in historical cultural anthropology... what makes the rugged frontiersman? the spirit that helped define this nation? it's awesome, then I saw that special, and...
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    Sling on a Hawken

    +3 on the laces! :thumbsup:
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    Holster pattern?

    There are plenty of patterns out there for the 1860 Colt. The trick is finding the one that you like the most. Personally, I like the California Slim Jim for the cap & ball revolvers. "How to make holsters" by Al Stohlman is a good start. It's more of a how-to guide and overview and has...