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  1. Whitworth

    When did I become my Dad?

    When I saw some kid walking down the street with his pants falling off I thought to myself "Pull those damn pants up kid". In that moment I realized I had turned into Dad 😅
  2. Whitworth

    presicion target shooting

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  3. Whitworth

    old casting stuff

    Plumbers poured lead in all sorts of positions with specialized pouring tools. BTW hammers and cast iron drain pipe don't mix well.
  4. Whitworth

    Stupid stuck nipple

    Torch or heat gun after WD40 soaking. Patience is the key.
  5. Whitworth

    vacu-sealing BP

    I've heard the same about liquor :thumb:
  6. Whitworth

    Crisco over the chambers, pros and cons

    I've used pure Gulf wax on unmentionables for years. The addition of a Crayon gives the wax some color making the lube in the grooves easier to see and when shooting them you get the time warping smell of Crayons :thumb:
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    Welcome from across the Potomac.
  8. Whitworth

    paper patching for Whitworth cylindrical bullet

    I use cigarette rolling paper but I'm just a fun shooter not a serious shooter. Others with more knowledge will speak up I'm sure.
  9. Whitworth

    2nd gen Colt .36 Navy

    Well done, I've said Colts can be found at reasonable prices. Of the three 2nd gen Colt's I've purchased, 1851, 1860 and an 1862 Pocket Police the Navy is my favorite. The Navy was used by a re-enactor for years and it gained a beautiful patina looking like well preserved original. The other two...
  10. Whitworth

    wont go bang.

    My brother Steve recently finished off a round can of Pyrodex like that he purchased in the early 80's. He keep it properly stored and it worked just fine. The rust on the can tells me it's been exposed to humidity.
  11. Whitworth

    1851 Colt Navy with Ivory grips

    Love those grips...they just look so right :thumb:
  12. Whitworth

    New from Maryland

    Welcome fellow Marylander.
  13. Whitworth

    Hello, noob Flintlocker in NE West Virginia

    Welcome from across the Potomac.
  14. Whitworth

    Finish on Model 1858 Enfield

    Acid solder flux screws the bluing up too :(
  15. Whitworth

    Want to put a Vernier rear sight on a Parker Hale Whitworth

    Pedersoli mount requires a wood screw be placed in the stock.