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    Any Fiddle heads yet ?

    Colder than normal spring, so they will be late this year compared to some.
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    Calling all New Yorkers

    Got out of NY! Travel restrictions in place in at least a couple of states where they will pull over anyone on I-95 with NY plates and if they are from the "city", they will have to be quarantined for 14 days. I'm not from the city anyway. I'm loving it here in Florida.
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    Japanese Brown Bess identity question.

    Nice! I wish I could find one of those. All I've managed to locate so far for a Miroku is an 1864 Springfield. I'd rather have the Bess.
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    Another Blunderbuss

    Simply gorgeous. I want one.
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    You Think You Have It Bad...,

    I loved the taste of that medicine! I always wanted more.
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    Flintlock Question

    Good question! I have a 200+/- year old flintlock that sparks beautifully to this day. I doubt it ever had to be re-hardened, and it certainly hasn't had work done to it by anyone in many decades.
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    Anyone shooting old time flintlocks such as M1795, Brown Bess etc,...

    Yes, a beat to hell and back .75 caliber coach gun a few times just for the experience, but only with blanks, or a few .36 round ball thrown in. I have been strongly advised not to shoot it, especially not with a .69 caliber round ball, and I agree, as condition of the barrel is really not...
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    Real oldtimer

    You say you took it to a guy who works on them a little, not muck (much?). Did he check to see if there was a load in the barrel?
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    Anybody in the Orlando, FL area???

    I'll be moving to the Orlando area by next summer.
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    Chicago area shooter

    Welcome! I have to admit, I half expected an entirely different subject matter when I first read the title of your post.
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    which 1861 Springfield?

    Regarding pricing, why does Pedersoli sell for a grand while Mirokus sell for about half that? From what I've been reading, the Mirokus seem to be the most accurate reproduction in many aspects except for that Navy Arms billboard on the lock.
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    Navy Arms 1864 Springfield

    I spoke to a friend of mine today who just so happens to have .58 caliber minies and also musket caps, so I'll be getting together with him and check for fitment. Thanks for all your help, guys! I'll update this when I know more.
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    Percussion Muzzleloader Newbie questions

    Lots of good info here. Thanks to all the contributors, as I am pretty much in the same boat as the OP, as a newbie to percussion.
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    Navy Arms 1864 Springfield

    The #11 looked like a little cup. It did not have flanges. The shop I went to did have some on the shelf with the flanges, but he didn't try any for some reason. Like it has already been said, I don't think the shop owner knows much about percussion. Just out of curiosity, how much would the...
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    Strong Firearms Parrot Cannon

    Nice find! I'd definitely have to shoot it.