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    Where to hunt bear/whitetail with trad muzzleloader

    Iowa has world class whitetail territory
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    Want to build

    I want to build my own smoothbore musket and am curious about barrel material. What would be safe to use as a barrel as far as steel type? Mild (commonly called welding) steel? stainless? Hardenable only? I've read iron was used at one point but I'm not sure what kind they were meaning. Advice...
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    Hey y'all

    Thank you! Very proud to tout that!
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    Hey y'all

    Seems like more older bucks than younger is all.
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    Hey y'all

    I reckon I'm probably one of the youngest bucks here (33) but I love these traditional guns and the era in which they were developed. I'm putting together a Traditions KY long rifle kit and am also wanting to build a musket which is modeled after ones used in the 18th century in North America...