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    Ramrod for .22 cal

    Why not a modern rifle one piece cleaning rod cut to length? Walk
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    Another Stupid Human Trick.....

    Yup, never saw it again. Walk
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    shot size for turkey

    If I had the chance I would use a duplex load of #6&7.5 for head shots. Density is what I would be seeking? Walk
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    I’ll send you a PM Walk
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    Spring Barley decoying

    Illegal here in Alberta too, and also against all morals and ethics I was raised with. Walk
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    Home made shotgun wads

    A wad of green poplar leaves work great. Walk
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    pyrodex in a caplock?????

    This thread is 12.5 years old. Who are we talking to? Walk
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    What's your Moose Milk mixture

    Mink Oil works great and is available from Track of the Wolf. Walk
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    What's your Moose Milk mixture

    I would but unless you’re in Canada I’m pretty sure shipping outside of country would be classified as International Trade in Bear Parts, or something such. Walk
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    Spring Barley decoying

    The blind, decoys, calls (and call shy), motion sensitive quarry, high level of both skill and knowledge to consistently be successful. Only difference is flying vs walking (turkeys don’t really fly). But all this is from family and friends hunting turkeys, as well as knowledge gained from...
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    Bear Grease

    Bear grease, patch lube and pastry secret. Nothing but goodness!! Walk
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    My love hate relationship with meat cutting.

    I lived a few years in an apartment and cut my own deer. Skin, gut and debone in the field and place all cuts to be further processed in a large marine grade cooler with crushed ice. Transport that cooler to the apartment for final processing/wrapping. Easy. Walk
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    Inline shotgun. ??

    Also can’t advertise outside of the buy and sell section. Walk
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    Bear Grease

    Perhaps, I don’t use it for targets, just hunting, and our weather is cooler in hunting seasons than yours I suspect. I’m just a wee bit North of ya. Walk
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    Spring Barley decoying

    Starting to sound like turkey hunting. Walk