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    LYMAN GPR Users Unite and tell us your story

    I bend my wedges slightly by putting them in a vice and hammer tuning them. Going very slowly I would get just enough bend in them to be a snug fit and then marked them with my dremel F and B and I just keep the marked side up to keep them indexed. Prolly not by the book but seems to work fine.
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    LYMAN GPR Users Unite and tell us your story

    I have three of them all kits, darn fine working rifles. I'll be chasing bulls with this one in three weeks.
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    SOLD SOLD.....Fullstock Hawken .50 percussion

    Nice rifle, does this have a hooked breech?
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    New From Colorado

    Welcome from the foothills SW of Denver.
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    SOLD Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    SOLD....thank you.
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    SOLD Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    TTT.....any offers?
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    SOLD Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    Lyman Great Plains Rifle, older model with descent wood. I took this in a trade, 50 caliber looks like a kit gun. was told it’s unfired and it looks like it. $450 shipped to lower 48.
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    WITHDRAWN Leatherman Eastern Game New

    Does the leather strap have a holder for a short starter?
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    FOR SALE A good Christmas for somebody!

    Is the barrel 1” and is it a hooked breech?
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    SOLD Day Horn

    I'll take the horn, payment on the way.
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    SOLD 54 Calibre trade rifle

    Do you know the barrel make? What's the LOP? Fixed breech? She's a beauty!
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    SOLD Lyman Great Plains .50 Caliber Rifle

    That’s an exceptional GPR at a great price...GLWS.
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    SOLD NOS Investarms Hawken

    NO, sorry I should have marked this as sold.