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    Dovetail/barrel thickness... Help!

    On the many MLers I've built, I've never "proofed" a bbl....just used a medium hunting load and function fired the gun…...Fred
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    Sling: Is there a way to install a sling on a half stock Hawken that does not interfer with the ramrod. Thanks

    I just file a radiused slot from the backside side of the rib and use a "Y" shaped length of coat hanger for attaching the sling. The location of the sling attachment rests on the RR pipe so as to not interedere w/ inserting the RR......Fred
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    Breech plug won't budge

    I cross mark the bbl/plug w/ 2 chisel marks, clamp the bbl in a good vise which has 1/8" thick copper jaw liners, use a 12" Crescent wrench w/ copper padded jaws and attach a 2 ft cheater pipe which is smacked w/ a heavy mallet. Some are harder than others but haven't found one yet that failed...
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    How about some tips you may have?

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    How about some tips you may have?

    For some reason I have a lot of difficulty w/ writing replies or new topics on this site. The post right above this is only partially complete because of errors on incurred this site. One question....where's the "delete?....Fred
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    How about some tips you may have?

    I think there's many different ways to make and inlet a Mcap and my procedure is quite different than yours. I start w/ a 1/8" thick piece of brass for the front plate and layout the 5 octagon bbl flats, hacksaw most of the inside off ,file to the lines , stick it on the assembled bbl and stock...
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    Depending on the thickness of the inlay {might be too thin to do what follows}, you could take a small, triangular needle file and file a groove into the edge in a few places....that will lock it in w/ the epoxy....Fred
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    Safe Dovetail file

    I bought a hardare store triangular file and used the corner of the grinding wheel to remove the pattern from one side. Using the grinding wheel corner enables more control and also less heat is generated. Another advantage is that the safe surface is slightly hollow ground and lays flat ...
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    split forestock repair

    Had the same crack, but mine was 8" long. Applied stain in the crack and surrounding areas , then used super glue and put the wax papered bbl in and wrapped w/ surgical tubing. After the Mcap was installed, no chance of splitting again. …..Fred
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    I use Dangler stains and when the stain has completely dried, a hard rub w/ 0000 steel wool removes any unabsorbed stain and smooths the stock. Then 2 soak in/wipe off coats of LMF sealer are applied w/ a 10 min soak in time and after the 2nd coat is dry, a hard rub w/ 0000 steel wool removes...
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    High prices of gun parts

    I don't complain about the price of components seeing everything else we buy has higher why should gun components be an exception? I've always made Pboxes, sideplates, decorative inlays, triggers and trigger plates, Mcaps, RR pipes, bbl lugs and sometimes sights.....making all these...
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    Under lug staple vs. dovetail under lug

    On my first 3 LRs, staples were used that were made from nails ...aprox.1/8 dia. After forming and filing the legs to final length, a very small chamfer is filed on the end of the legs. A groove is then filed around each leg leaving slightly less than 1/32" flat from the leg end. The 2 holes...
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    new touch hole liner to fix touch hole misdrilled

    The easiest way to solving your problem is to have someone w/ a vertical mill using a minimal dia milling cutter to shift the hole center line.....a tap drill for the larger liner is then used and the hole tapped......Fred
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    Muzzleloader Build Pictures

    It seems a whole lot of builders do excellent work, but posting detailed, closeup photos by many isn't possible. You are presently building a York styled LR , but I've never built one so wouldn't normally post pics of other styles.....but shown are 2 pics that are detailed and closeup.....Fred
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    Best Way To Clean Up Cast Brass

    For sand cast Bplates I start w/ a rasp and then a mill file...w/ investment cast Bplates, I skip the rasp an go w/a mill file. After the mill file, 220 grit paper is used, then 00 steel wool, 320 grit paper and a final smoothing rub w/ 0000 steel wool. I like a slightly aged look so use...