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  1. V

    Any ideas on how i canbuse a .50 hawken for squirrels

    Back in the ‘80’s I used my .50 Renegade for squirrel hunting a few times. Only load it would shoot accurately was a .490 PRB with 90 grains of pyrodex. Went hunting with a friend once and had a little wager. Who ever had the most head shots wins $20. He was using a scoped .22. He ended up with...
  2. V

    Oh, the heartbreak! Imagine the disappointment...

    A few years ago I bought a tripod deer stand from a large internet company. The UPS hub is 6 miles from my house. It made it to the hub before UPS sent it back as being too damaged to deliver. Not once, not twice but three times UPS damaged three stands that were shipped. I just canceled the...
  3. V

    Shooting into......

    On my range I use old 48” bucket truck tires filled with dirt as a backstop. Works really well.
  4. V


    My favorite is a few calls I get from what they claim to be US Customs regarding a package being sent to me. I tell them to quit holding up my meth and send it on.
  5. V

    Civil War Relics

    Anyone have any idea what an original US belt buckles is worth? Had an antique dealer tell me back in ‘84 it was worth $25 since there were so many of them.
  6. V

    Civil War Relics

    A friend of mine’s dad was big into relic hunting. Couple of neat things I remember he had was a yankee breast plate with a bullet hole in it and a few bullets with teeth marks in them.
  7. V

    Civil War Relics

    Growing up on a farm about 5 miles from Cold Harbor during the 60’s it was common to find relics in the field. We had bush baskets of cannon balls, bunch of mini balls and various other things. I have a US belt buckle in excellent condition my Dad found digging up onions. Dad told me back in the...
  8. V

    Anyone here ever use a lager bore ML for small game hunting

    Back in 80’s I used a TC Renegade for squirrel hunting. Worked good as long as they were head shot.
  9. V

    When did I become my Dad?

    Gas was .56 a gallon when I started driving. First muzzle loader was a TC Renegade, new in ‘84 was $119.95.
  10. V

    Fort Sumter

    Yes he committed suicide because he had to release his slaves according to my wife’s family history that someone researched.
  11. V

    Fort Sumter

    According to my wife’s family history her great great grandfather fired the first shot at Fort Sumter. I believe it has been proven untrue but supposedly he got drunk and fired at a union ship with his musket. His name was Col. Ruffin
  12. V

    Plaid clothing effective camouflage for hunting deer.

    Fred Bear says it all.
  13. V

    Cabela's chaps my hide.

    All the ammo that was bought up by the obummer administration was destroyed shortly after the got it. This I found out from a friend that worked at the pentagon. He actually saw the list of ammo and couldn’t believe what the government needed with all the different calibers. Bottom line was they...
  14. V

    What "fun" targets are your fav's

    I had a Krylon sales rep give me around 300 cans of defective spray paint to destroy. Fun to watch it go up, around and about everywhere. Really fun targets.
  15. V

    Number 11 cap shortage?

    My local gun store has plenty in stock. $14.99 a tin.