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    Colorado Parks & Wildlife are IDIOTS!!

    Come on over for a hunt. Chances for a whitetail buck where I hunt are pretty good. Bear maybe 30-40% chance. Non resident license aren’t too expensive either. I only hunt private land, too many idiots on public.
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    Colorado Parks & Wildlife are IDIOTS!!

    Someone mentioned it’s a money game and I agree. Take Virginia for example. Resident hunting license is $23 . It used to be when you bought your big game tags you got 6 deer tags, 3 turkey tags and a bear tag. Now with the bear population expanding across the state now you have to pay $21 for a...
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    Colorado Parks & Wildlife are IDIOTS!!

    We finally get a elk season here in Virginia. One week in October and only 5 tags issued.
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    Granddaddy of Production Muzzleloaders?

    T/C comes to mind. My first muzzle loader was a Renegade I bought back in ‘82. Paid $119.95 at a big box store.
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    FOR SALE T/C New Englander price drop

    Price drop $175 shipped
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    FOR SALE T/C New Englander price drop

    .50 New Englander with a 24” barrel. Original owner sandblasted the barrel due to rust pitting and painted it black.I’m going under the assumption the bore is pitted too, which may or maybe not be pitted. Since the bore condition is unknown I’m going to ask $175 shipped to lower 48 which is...
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    Raccoon baculum bone

    Does anyone know where I can buy a couple ?
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    Civil War Belt Buckle with Minie Ball hole.

    I know a guy who did a lot of relic hunting. He has a yankee breast plate with a bullet hole in it.
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    100 yards off hand today

    Best I ever did offhand at 100 was. 5 shot 10” group. Did it with a TC Renegade. Wish I still had that rifle.