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    Teslong bore scope camera?

    I think we have the same scope. It's fantastic but the app wouldn't work for my tablet. I had to get the generic one that the manual calls out. I highly recommend the teslong & it goes to the breech of my flintlock with length to spare. I think the more expensive models with the screen are a...
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    New Pietta 1851

    I contacted the seller & they're going to exchange it. They were very good about it & didn't even want pics emailed to them. Now, will I get it before I go back overseas? I don't know but hopefully. I don't know how it shoots as I never even cleaned the shipping oil off of it. If it had been...
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    New Pietta 1851

    I thought I read they don't do actual color case gardening these days. I'm going to call the place I bought it from & see if I can get a replacement.
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    New Pietta 1851

    I just bought this Pietta 1851 Navy & I'm not happy with the loading lever. The hinge area coating is pretty bare. Is this normal for Pietta? My Ubertis look much better.
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    WARNING: A too good deal is probably a too good deal if from a stranger.

    Things aren't always as they seem. This is like my 19th post but I've bought a few things on here. Being new to BP, I simply don't have much to offer in threads though I read a lot. Although I have a collection now, I haven't shot much at all. My situation is peculiar as well, since I work in...
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    Newbie-long time shooter, have almost no muzzleloader experience

    Welcome from Florida & the Middle East. Newbie here too but I jumped in with both feet. I have 4 or 5 BP guns I haven't even seen yet & I'm not sure how many I have now lol. Only two long guns so far & one is a TC Hawken. I was looking at the St Louis site just today. I'm very surprised to hear...
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    Question - Cimarron BP revolver

    I bought a group of cap & ball revolvers for a song to start in BP. They came with two of those improved cylinders, one for the Walker & the other for a Remington (IIRC, haven't been home to see them in a long time), both new. Anyway, it seemed counterproductive to switch them out. I bought the...
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome from FL & the Middle East. I have four Mosins. None are Finnish but one is a Remington. Be careful with black powder. It's a lot more addictive than Mosins & one is all it takes!
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    Also interested in the 61 navy.
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 .44 Fancy Engraved Model

    Very interested. I'd like to have a display with a revolver that pops. Sending pm.
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    SOLD TC Hawken 50

    Pm sent.
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    SOLD CVA Mountain Rifle

    SPF=sold pending funds
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    Your best deal acquiring a muzzleloader, either trade or purchase

    My best is what originally got me into this. A guy posted an ad about some BP guns. Turns out it was an estate sale of sorts. The guy had a lot of stuff from muzzleloaders to modern guns. I walked out with 11 guns for 950. He had a group of rifles but none were in great shape, some with rust...