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    Hello from Northern Ireland

    Howdy from North Carolina. My 8th great grandfather came from Ireland to Queen Anne's Parrish Virginia. Do you know any Coffeys by chance?
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    what is considered a good collection of BP revolvers

    My suggestion would be- buy what you like and don't pass up a bargain even if you already have one in your collection. Personally, I only have an 1860 Colt replica and an 1858 Remington, of course a replica also. I want to add a Walker, a Confederate or three, and/or a .31 as well as a .36 cal...
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    TRADE CVA .45 Kentucky rifle barrel, new for .32 cal barrel

    I have an unbuilt CVA kit from the mid 70s that is .45 caliber. However, I have several .45 cal rifles and would like to have a small (.32) caliber rifle. I would like to trade the .45 BARREL for a .32 that will work in my CVA stock. The .45 barrel is still "in the white" though it appears dark...
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    bore lights

    What are the lights that can be dropped down the bore of a barrel, and who sells them? Thanks.
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    vintage? T/C powder measure

    Do you suppose that is the intended use of the lower cavity?
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    vintage? T/C powder measure

    I bought this powder measure today at my favorite gun shop. I believe it is an early model of the current T/C available later, maybe not currently. I don't know the good, bad, and the ugly of it. Anybody else use one? Do you like it or not? School me about it please. Thanks.
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    coning barrels the traditional way

    I know how barrels are coned now and am aware of the tools offered for the purpose, but I wonder how it was done back in the early days? What did the tools look like then you reckon?
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    loading block hole sizes for a coned barrel

    This chart was listed previously on here as a guide to make your own loading blocks. I'm wondering if when using the ball and patch one normally shoots, do they fit so tightly in the block that it takes the ramrod to "drive" them out and into the barrel? I plan to cone the barrels on all my...
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    Using Modern Barrels for a muzzleloading shotgun?

    This is something I too have pondered. It sounds like, according to Zonie, that a 20ga barrel, using a 3/4-16 tap would work best. What then, would be a good, non-traditional way of sealing the breech plug threds against leakage?
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    A Thompson Center Hawken in .45 caliber

    And I don't even hunt deer. I haven't hunted any game in several years. I might try for a wild pig or a turkey next season though. I'll probably take the .50 cal if I go after a pig. I will kill a coyote if I get a chance too.
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    A Thompson Center Hawken in .45 caliber

    I shot my"new" .45 T/C today and my .50 cal T/C and my .44 Remington c&b too. The new .45 shoots fine. I was consistently hitting a coffee can from about 40 yards, standing, off-hand. I was shooting patched r.b. with 50g of FFFg. It's cleaned & oiled and back in my bedroom.:)
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    change to double set triggers

    I mentioned in another thread that I like my Dart brand full stock .45 cal rifle but would swap out the single trigger for double set triggers. I have never removed the trigger from the rifle for a look but I wonder, is it usually a simple conversion/swap.
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    A Thompson Center Hawken in .45 caliber

    I hope you can get it working as it should. I have only shot mine 8 or 10 times I guess. It seems when I reach for something to shoot I go for one of the T/C half-stocks because they're so easy to clean afterwards. I went to the flea market early on the morning the day I bought mine and I think...
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    A Thompson Center Hawken in .45 caliber

    MN284, My Dart rifle is .45 cal. percussion. It's in great shape and shoots good. I bought it at the local flea market a couple years ago for $50 along with some round balls, patches, and caps. Everything I needed to shoot except powder. The only thing I would change is the trigger. I would like...
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    peep site on a T/C Hawken or Renegade

    I realize that gun builders, if they wanted a peep sight, made one, as they did the rest of the gun. I might try making my own. Something like this one shown on