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    Barrel pins & holes

    My latest find, a .45 caliber that I believe is an early Jukar, now looks pretty good except for the one hole thru the (full) stock for the pin to retain the barrel. The outside(s) of the hole is oversize, so though the pin fits well the visible ends of the pin are "lost" in the hole(s). I'd...
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    Id these two please

    My favorite local hardware store didn't have any LH bits smaller than 1/4" but I bought an EZ-out. It is small enough to go in the hole I have drilled thru the broken nipple, but will not grip it.
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    Id these two please

    Thanks, I have a few LH bits. If I don't have the proper size I'll get one.
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    Id these two please

    After I broke the nipple off, and removed the barrel I drilled the center of the broken nipple some more. I was not getting thru it when I was drilling it before I broke it. The broken piece is still in place but the barrel is now clear. Once I get a replacement nipple in place I'll load and...
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    Id these two please

    I removed the barrel from the stock. There are numbers penciled in the channel for the barrel. No markings on the lower side of the barrel though. It appears that the joint between the barrel and breech (plug) is in line with the P in SPAIN, stamped into the barrel. I don't know if I should...
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    Id these two please

    I guess since I'm working on a cheap gun that some of you consider a junker, even when it was new, it's not a real disaster, but I broke the nipple off trying to remove it. The nipple was plugged so I tried a small drill bit first. The bit actually felt like it was bottoming out against steel so...
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    Id these two please

    I bought two rifles at a local flea market and would like to know more about them. One is, I believe, an old gun, probably made from parts of more than one old gun. It appears to be .36 caliber. All I have is the barrel and stock, although the stock still has the brass trigger guard and butt...
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    what did i just buy?!!!!!

    Put me down for a kit, or a set of drawings!
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    WANTED Flap holster

    I want a RH flap (CSA or non marked) holster to fit my 1858 Remington.
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    WANTED Want a .32 and a .58

    To "complete" my collection, I need a .32 caliber and a .58 caliber rifle. I'm interested in guns that need restoration/repair or unfinished kits. The barrels and stocks are my main concern. I will consider flintlocks or percussion. No high dollar originals. Thanks.
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    A good read

    If I had a good replica, which I would love too, I would use a compressor or tank.
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    Gunsmith of Williamsberg 1969

    Gusler looked like a teenager then.
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    A good read

    I've just started reading the Journal(s) of Lewis and Clark. Enjoying it. I especially wanted to read it because of the air rifle they carried on their journey.
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    The flats on a barrel

    Yes, that's it. The grinder is shown starting at about 4:00.
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    The flats on a barrel

    I have the Foxfire books, love #5 with the gun building and powder making article. I recommend it/them to anyone interested in life in America's past.