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    Wheellocks, rifled or smoothbore

    Were most wheellocks rifled or smoothbore? What was the common calibers?
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    Muzzleblast magazine?

    If I can ever get the NMLRA website to work I plan to join. I understand that members can look at issues online. I'll try again, have tried several times so far.
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    Muzzleblast magazine?

    I think I'd like to have some back issues of Muzzleblast magazine but I've never really had the opportunity to examine any. Can someone show me a pic or three and give me an idea of the content? I would like to know ake sure they're not thin magazines and 90 percent ads.
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    Cleaning parts of my latest shotgun

    The bores look bad again just inside the muzzles because some Evaporust got in when I cleaned it last and I have not put any oil inside yet. Tomorrow the bores get a thorough polishing.
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    Up sizing nipples

    The threads in the breech for the nipples on my shotgun project appear good in one, not so good in the other. They are 1/4 x 28 now. I want to go to a larger size threads but I'll be damned if I use metric threads. It appears the next choice up then is 5/16 and musket caps. I have no problem...
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    Cleaning parts of my latest shotgun

    I have seen the light. No, not trashed the barrel(s). But I sharpened a wire to a chisel point, and bent the end a little to work it into the nipple holes. After only a few minutes I stuck my bore lites into the nipple holes and can now see them when I look down the bores. I'm encouraged to...
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    Revolver photos

    Here are my two revolvers plus other pistols. I bought the Remington a few years ago from a young man who had only shot it a few times then decided cap-n-ball was not for him. The Colt I bought new in 1974, for $74.95. I bought the derringer a couple of years ago because I wanted a pistol like...
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    Cleaning parts of my latest shotgun

    Slowly, and carefully working on clearing the barrel(s). My cutter, currently is an adjustable bit made for drilling wood. A 5/16" six point socket fits to turn the tapered drive on the bit. I'm turning it with a small 1/4" drive ratchet and a couple of extensions. The last pic shows what I'm...
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    Threads on barrel

    We would love to see some pics.
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    Cleaning parts of my latest shotgun

    I believe these barrels predate choke threads by about 100 years.
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    Cleaning parts of my latest shotgun

    Actually I think what appears to be brazing is there because I cleaned it with a brass wire wheel brush on my bench grinder. That leaves the brass color. I could be wrong, but I'll check.
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    Cleaning parts of my latest shotgun

    IF I ever get my barrels unplugged and get this thing back together I believe I will fire the first few shots with it in a tire, from a distance. I've never done that before but seen it done. Anybody else done it?
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    Cleaning parts of my latest shotgun

    I have cleaned the outside of the barrel(s) on my shotgun. Here's what I found, LAMINATED stamped on the top of the rib, and not shown, but 12 on the bottom. I got the LH nipple out, using a LH twist drill bit and cleaned the threads with a 1/4x28 tap. They now look pretty good, the RH not so...
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    I found another shotgun I like

    The barrels. Clean on the outside but after I got the nipples out, both still plugged.