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    Old guy muzzleloader new to the forum.

    Good to have ya aboard. TC in theTexas Hill Country
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    Should I rebarrel or keep as is

    Hoyt can put sleeve/liner to .32 or .36 or .40 or even .45 w a fast twist to use less powder.
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    Roundball and bullet lube

    Practice and line shooting I use saliva or windshield washer fluid. Even straight water. Hunting I use ToW mink oil. When I use that jar up I’m going to try my minie ball lube : bees wax and synthetic motor oil. 50/50 stays kinda firm in Texas summer heat.
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    How fast is a Hawken ball?

    .54 GM 1” x 32” twist 1/72. .535 PRB 60 gr Goex FFg for targets 25-50 yds 90 gr ditto targets and hunting to 100 yds 120 gr hunting to 130 yds and any bigger game (elk, moose, bear etc but only hunted elk so far) As the saying goes your mileage ma vary.
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    Large caliber

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    WANTED L&R TC Lock (#03) FLINT

    I have 2 L&R RPL 03 flintlock locks in service. Very little wood work required and touch hole location is good. I recommend buying direct from L&R. Same prices and great service.
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    Goex 4F out of Stock
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    Another Texican

    Welcome. I tell folks I’m originally from South America ....... South Arkansas. Lived in the Pine Woods of NE Texas 30+ years then too near Austin. Now Western Hill Country. There’s a nice group of MLers that shoot near Canyon Lake. PM me for contact info. TC
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    4 f pan ignition

    I’ve been shooting flinter almost 50 years. Good dry real black powder with a hot spark will ignite. sounds like the 4F is damp or contaminated in some way. Spread a real thin layer 4F (enough to prime the pan several times) on a pice of cardboard in the sun to dry. Either knap the flint or...
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    Hoyt rebore

    It varies of course. Mine was like 6 weeks. Great job and good service. He’s in eastern time zone. Call around 8 AM there
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    To Blue or Not to Blue

    I find bluing appears out of place on long rifles and Fowler’s. maybe because of all the entry level products. Just my opinion. Military muskets in a bright or blue finish appeal to me. I have used cold and hot browning solutions (as well as stains) and greatly prefer Homer Dangler’s products. TC
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    Is this normal?

    Single lever double trigger. Aka as a target trigger
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    Which mold ?

    I have both. In the last year or so as I’ve acquired iron molds of calibers I use, I’ve sold off Lee’s. Still have some Lee but only because I haven’t found a replacement.