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    Bloodied my Bedford .40 cal flintlock.

    Nice job Congrats...was going to buy a 40 cal, but was not sure how it would do on deer...Now I know...
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    Ours, in Maryland, opened Saturday. I was lucky and scored a doe in the afternoon with my flintlock. Seeing some pretty good Bucks on camera but all after dark.
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    Nice job, way to stick it out. I too have hunted hard all season and finally connected with my flintlock,
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    90 grain power measure antler

    I like it...great idea.
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    FOR SALE Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube

    Id like a tin, how do I order? through the website?
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    I finally got him

    Congratulations.. Good job
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    First with a Flint

    Again, thanks to all for the kind words.. I was really just in the right place at the right time...Shot my first flintlock deer this past season also...they're really fun to hunt with..
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    First with a Flint

    Thanks everyone for the kind words...
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    First with a Flint

    Sorry bout the double pic...dont know what happened.
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    First with a Flint

    Today, 5/15, I was able to get my first flintlock Turkey. 15 yrds 11 inch beard and he dropped like a bag of rocks. What a blast, pun intended.