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    What would you choose?

    R.O.A. & CVA 12 SXS. You did say deep woods so I inure the shotgun, especially with two shots might be a better choice than a rifle.
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    T/C .56cal. SB once again

    Pretty interesting, take out the flyer and the groups look pretty much the same. I have a lloooonnnngggg list of firearms that I would like to kill a deer with, my .56 Renegade is on it somewhere.
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    Pyrodex in a Flintlock?

    I have not tried straight Pyrodex in my flintlocks but have shot quite a bit with a “kicker” of 15 grains of 4f or 3f black under a Pyrodex RS or P main charge. I primed with 4f or 3f and noticed no difference in ignition. I did this fool thing because I ended up with several pounds of Pyrodex...
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    Hooked Breech Lyman GP problem

    I have to play with the wedges on mine to find the location/orientation they like. When new I had to be particular about snugging the barrel down and back before trying to install the wedges. The fit is better now after a few mounts/dismounts.
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    Starting out casting balls and bullets

    I have a Lee Drip-o-matic bottom pour that sits in a corner of the shop and has for decades. It works and the drips can be controlled but I much prefer sitting outside on the porch and casting out of a pot on a Turkey Fryer burner using a ladle. Better yet, same rig out in the woods while on a...
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    .36 Conundrum

    Yep, ask me how I know. I was lucky in that I was able to actually screw the piece back on the brush and pull it out of my .32. Live and learn, not every lesson is as cheap as that one was.
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    New Duelist1954 YouTube videos

    His site does not work well for me. May be my computer but his pages are dark and frankly the content is limited. I just get frustrated trying to use it. Which is a shame as I really enjoy his videos and writing.
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    How we ordered before the internet

    Where those $1.50 a dozen American Flints any good?
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    Black walnuts

    This brings back memories alright. One year I went to school with well stained hands. The Teacher sent me home with a note to wash before coming to school. My Mom was plenty angry to say the least. She carried me back up there and explained to the teacher she (my Mom) was not in the habit of...
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    Hoyt rebore

    I have a .56 SB Renegade I like A LOT. It is a lot of fun to shoot and very easy to clean with the smooth bore. It is my go too BP long-gun for new shooters or if I just want to BP plink. That said, I would not pay money to have something custom made that I could buy ready-made (the .56) or...
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    flint size ?

    I have noticed that when I order more than a couple of flints the package will have some that are definitely much smaller (NEVER larger) than what I ordered. Luckily, I have guns for which the smaller sizes are appropriate.
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    SOLD Traditions Deerhunter .50 flintlock

    I responded to your email yesterday morning at 11:06AM saying I had put the check in the mail, did you not receive the email?
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    SOLD Lee .540 minie bullet mold

    I will take this, PM incoming.
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    Woods walk/muzzleloading in the southeast Region?

    Might try reaching out to these folks: Jefferson Longrifles - a pre 1840 Blackpowder Muzzle Loading Rifle Club in Tallahassee Florida