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    Big Bore Hunting Rifles

    This is my 62 cal half stock rifle I purchased this year. I have not had the chance to hunt with it yet, but my Dad drew a moose tag for Mai e this year. I am on the tag as well and this 62 will be my gun for the hunt.
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    gun works of Oregon

    I ordered from them last week for the first time. I ordered a 440 round ball mold and a 1/2 ram rod for my 54 cal. They called to make sure my order was correct since those two items would never work together. I was very impressed!
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    2021 Maine Moose Lottery

    My Dad drew a cow tag!
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    Round ball molds They seem to have quite a few
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    Drilling out flash hole, Results!

    Why is that?
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    Round ball molds

    Thank you all for your input. I’ll get the Lee and save myself some money.
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    Round ball molds

    So I have some questions about round ball molds. I currently have a few Lee molds and one Rapine. I need another for a new 45. cal I recently purchased. On gunworks I can get a double cavity Lee for $30, while the Lyman is $85 plus $50 for the handles. Is the extra $100 worth the investment...
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    New to muzzle loaders

    Welcome from Maine, enjoy your new addiction.
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    RWS 1075 Yellow Vs. Green

    The only difference I see is the quantity
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    Who Shoots Originals?

    I am a Hawken junkie as well
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    SOLD Fred Asbell Wool Pullover

    I will take it. I’m in Portland if you’re close, I’ll pick it up.
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    Looks great, nice job! I keep a patch worm and ball puller in mine.
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    SOLD Fred Asbell Wool Pullover

    How about cigarette smoke? Asbell makes a nice product. I would be interested if it’s smoke free.