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    Second barrel load movement...

    I hunt with Pedersoli SxS's. Especially in the duck blind I use the unfired barrel as a handy place to put the ram rod as I reload the fired barrel. Always give it a couple of taps just to be sure there was no load shift in the unfired barrel, and I have never found one. I use Circlefly...
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    Shotgun barrels ?

    So, what does the rest of it look like? I am going to speculate the 15's have something to do with bore size?
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    What gun do I have

    If your gun has the 1-24 twist the patched round ball may be sub-optimal in your gun. You might want to check out fast twist projectile discussions over at: Modern Muzzleloader
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    CVA Double 12ga

    Good job, very nicely done. Thanks for sharing the photos.
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    shot size for turkey

    Shooting them with the front stuffer, even when targeting the head and neck, every now and then a flyer pellet or two hits down in the breast. It makes a mess with blood and feather bits through the wound channel. I can't imagine trying to clean up a body shot bird. The head and neck is not a...
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    Revolver presentation cases

    Thanks for sharing this link.
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    Gifted a nice SXS

    Sweet looking gun, but got to agree the barrel as-is is not a one I would try to shoot. It will sure look purty up on the wall though.
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    lead shot from from Rotometals

    Just FYI, RotoMetals has reclaimed shot for a little less (still high though). Before the Cali lead ban reclaimed was the go-to for dove, quail and clay birds. Opens the pattern and makes you look like a somewhat competent shooter.
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    1,200 Yard .45 Cal Sidelock (Rice Barrels 1:17 Twist)

    Very impressive. What do you figure the maximum height of the bullet over the line of aim might be on that 1200 yard journey?
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    Got a nice Tom last night.

    Congrats! Great photos and story. Thanks for sharing.
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    Cali Turkey Countdown...

    Pedersoli 12ga with screw in chokes, 85gr mixed powder, 1 1/4 OZ #7 1/2 Bismuth/Tin from Rotometals.
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    Turkey Hunting Successes and Pics Please

    "TH, that is a major bird! Did you get a weight on him?" Did not. These Rio Grand turkeys max out at about 20 pounds or so. Carrying this guy out he seemed to be every bit of that.
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    Turkey Hunting Successes and Pics Please

    On the board this morning. Pedersoli 12ga, 85gr mixed powder, 1 1/4 OZ #7 1/2 Bismuth/Tin from Rotometals. One down, two to go.
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    Cali Turkey Countdown...

    Finally got on the board this morning. One of my Sons and I went this morning and set up within flydown distance of our favorite roost tree, my son and I 200 yards apart. Two Toms and two jakes flew down to me and the Boss Tom chased off the other birds then came right up to Jezebel, my decoy...
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    SkyChief load, am i expecting to much????

    I would humbly suggest a turkey head and neck is not a particularly hard target, and pattern density is the name of the game. If I could still use lead out here in "enlightened" California it would be 7 1/2 or 6. By the way, that is some very turkey worthy shooting SDSmlf, even figured at 1/2...