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    .58 Caliber hunting load advice

    “Use Enough Gun”…. Robert Ruark …and excess is even better 😁
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    .58 Caliber hunting load advice

    The 55 gr load seems pretty mild. Unless there is some specific reason to use that load, I’d go up to at least 75 gr of 2fg. That is my target load for shooting our monthly match and it doesn’t beat me up too badly over the course of 25 shots. My hunting load is 100 grs of 2fg and that gets a...
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    Muzzleloader Duck Hunt Success

    Good lookin’ young man and that double looks like he was born with it. Coot cooking - your recipe makes those mud hens sound almost edible…almost…. When I was about 12-13 y/o my buddy and I shot a pair of mud hens down at the local duck pond. His mother was of the “you shot it, you’re gonna’...
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    Muzzleloader Duck Hunt Success

    Sparki, Wonderful story! Sittin’ right there with you and your very lucky son. You made a lifetime of memories for both of you! What in the world do you do with a coot?
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    First deer with a smoothbore

    Weber, very cool! Canned venison with my mile high biscuits was always one of our favorite elk camp suppers.
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    Borrowed a gun Saturday........

    😲…just…😲 Great story and pics, Thank you!
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    Hello from Nebraska

    Howdy, Fishsqueezer, Welcome from Omaha! I have to agree with pilot, your handle is a bit of a poser. Story?
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    Need new sights — Kensight maybe?

    BruceHH, Thank you for your comments on your experience and preference with this sight. Much appreciated! I know these sights are not HC but as someone said earlier, we have to do, what we have to do, if we want to stay in the game!
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    Need new sights — Kensight maybe?

    yonderin, the patches are from TOW and I just checked with a few left-overs from last year. Seemed to be about all alike. They are a tight fit. Lube has always been Bore Butter. Boomerang, I really wish I could shoot groups like that offhand! Nope, i sight in off a heavy bench rest with...
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    Need new sights — Kensight maybe?

    longcruise, Now that’s just mean 😢….bring up old age to an old man - shame on you! I’ve been trying to avoid that one because I was afraid of the answer.:) Actually, the eyes seem to be holding up pretty well. My other muzzleloaders and iron sighted BPCR rifles all shoot okay for me. :dunno...
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    Need new sights — Kensight maybe?

    chorizo, A friendly chat is worth the inconveniencing of a handful of electrons anytime. The bore was cleaned down to bare metal and treated with Dyna-Tek ceramic some years ago and it still glows like crystal. If the bore or bedding was the cause, I think that the groups would open up more...
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    Need new sights — Kensight maybe?

    Hey Bubba, Thanks for the suggestion, but the wood has all been ‘glass bedded and there aren’t any gaps or changes that I can find with a 2X loupe…sigh…maybe a good time to retire the old girl.
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    Need new sights — Kensight maybe?

    In 1978, my brother built a T/C Hawken rifle. He shot it a bunch at the local range and when he passed about 15 years ago the rifle was passed on to me. I was going to make it a keepsake/safe queen, but his widow wanted it shot as it was intended. I took it to our local clubs monthly shoot...
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    Best Choice For A .45 Target Rifle

    I’m curious just like longcruise! Did you have a liner put into something or did Bobby make up something for you?
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    The Snipe

    Great story - Thank for taking time to write it up for us! I have a real love/hate relationship with those little demons. I will always remember one opening day pheasant hunt when the snipe were so thick you couldn’t go 10 steps without putting one up. I ran out of shells and my buddies were...