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    Patch knife

    When I used to carry a "patch knife" ( 4-5" blade, a really small one is not needed IMHO).I also used it for field dressing and eating, when I started using only pre cut square patches, as not cutting at the muzzle seems to be a better choice for historic accuracy in the 18th century from what...
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    Guessing a measure!

    pouring powder to cover the ball works well for me but is always a bit less powder than a mewasured load but I am comfident to hunt with such a "measure", also there is the whle load and the half load which is juts as it saays using a single meaured premade for a stout and a light load to be...
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    Before the Hunting "Frock"

    I suggest getting as close as one can based on what is there which does allow considrable interpretation as to time line and style.As for Dodderages writings the no doubt have value but what geographic range and percentage of the world/people around him did he have access to in the years as a...
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    French Style Smoothie Done and delivered..PIC HEAVY

    I understand, I have been able to remove metal from the bolt and install it then put the RR in, it does not always work though, also is the oct section of that barrel straight or is it just the angle I am looking at? This kind of "fouls" up the whole architecture and appearance of the area from...
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    So few Oregonians???

    There are quite a few webfeet here, they just post at different times, some may just read the forum occasionaly as once everything has been talked about several times the interest level and participation on a given topic may drop for long time members, but they are likely still there. The forum...
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    Original English 1790-ppep sight!!!

    "I do understand the need for these rules, but I am left wondering if the rules are such that they are driving away people who might join otherwise." Perhaps, but I think any MLer can find a group or place that is common to his/her level of understanding and operation of the hobby. Way to much...
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    The PC/HC guys

    " If you would like for me to help you "count your stitches", I would be happy to help with what I can, but dont complain about what you hear." Very well put...actually we are lead to believe that there should be no complaints of any type, but that is probably not realistic
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    Original English 1790-ppep sight!!!

    "And why do all you complainers stay here?' I do not see any complaints abput where people went and why just questions..To see a lot of complaints look at Mr Wlsons posts as a general rule of thumb, which is fine most folks do not drop a wad in their clout if someone does complain about something.
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    French Style Smoothie Done and delivered..PIC HEAVY

    Which bolt was the "dummy" bolt and why did it need to be a cosmetic bolt?
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    French Style Smoothie Done and delivered..PIC HEAVY

    I like it, I did one of those about ten years ago and it became my favorite and only ML, best shooting smoothy I have ever had, nice job on the gun, if you have not done it, I would put a 2" section of 16 flats between the oct and the wedding band, just a small detail to set it apart from others...
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    bare ball

    I have had good results with this method, nearly the same grouping as a PRB with .58 and .62 guns,3"-4" at 40-50 yds. I do like the prb for the security of the ball staying put with the barrel pointed down, just a preference of mine.
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    Original English 1790-ppep sight!!!

    "There are many serious reenactors that do pay attention to that feature...its just that very few frequent this website' Good obsevation Capt...I wonder "why" it seems there used to be quite a few of that level (various levels not meant to be "better or worse" just different levels of...
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    Original English 1790-ppep sight!!!

    " If folks really want to talk about being HC or PC, they should be making negative comments and stating that these tall sights were almost never seen back in the days. They are NOT historically correct or period correct" This comparison comes up very often when folks compare the "replicas" and...
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    Original English 1790-ppep sight!!!

    Either way we can still call it "HC" 'cause it sounds Kool eh? after all the aperture sights on 14th century crossbows is enough of a "proving" connection in itself historicaly no?....A good example of always looking to the originals when determing the PC/HC factor if one is into such nonsense.
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    Original English 1790-ppep sight!!!

    Following the trend of replicas which we have no access to tye original which inspired them is pretty common. I think and all mos require, particularly if a questionable and popular item is evident, this will not change in a heavy historicaly liberal based venue.