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Shooter since 6 with my dad's M1911 and never stopped shooting since. British Army for 33.95 years, retired 2000 at senior rank. Admits to being a real wit, but is only half-right.<br />
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Spends time between UK, Canada [I'm half-Canadian] and Oregon.<br />
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Certified steam-train nut.<br />
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mrs tac and I spend much of the year as we are able at home in SE Ontario with my large Canadian family, over at Cannon Beach OR, down in Eugene/Springfield and Port Orford with the best of friends or sitting on a dedicated old farts' pontification bench outside the Tillamook hard ice-cream outlet in Wheeler, OR.<br />
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Please feel free to come and join us - me and ig, the crows and erl the lobster.<br />
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tac<br />
Mar 2, 1946 (Age: 75)