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    Trent Wren passing

    Very sad to hear of Trent's passing. We shot plenty of times on the forum woodswalk and also at the Running Boar Range when he was running it. My thooughts are with his family and loved ones!
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    replacing lock on Pedersoli Kentucky

    For Heavens Sake, get a Chambers gunsmith lock with the square plate and saw/file the plate to fit the gun with the pan ending in the right location. You may have to deepen some area of your lock mortise slightly, but this is not rocket science. And get a new trigger with an oversized trigger...
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    Help from Flintlock hunting experts

    @Moe66va: Good for you!Very nice rifle :-)) And when you first handled those rifles, I bet you felt the difference between what you handled before immediately. If you are not familiar with cleaning a flintlock, go back to the builder and ask him to show you. You don't have to do much to maintain...
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    Help from Flintlock hunting experts

    $1000 is too high for the entry level flint stuff which is ok, but definitely not balanced, but not enough for the more authentic reproductions that actually handle closer to originals. $1000 normally gets you a used custom rifle with a regular uniform barrel. If the barrel is longer, these guns...
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    Pedersoli KY flint - sow's ear/silk purse?

    My advice: Sell this pistol to someone who has no problem with these guns on here. Use the money to get a gun put together with quality parts. What do you save when you constantly have to send parts in to get them reworked? I shoot a 270+ year old flintlock rifle. Goes off every time. No patent...
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    Spring 2018 Friendship Muzzleloader Forum Woodswalk

    I guessed who did not show up in time and I was right,lol. Good shooting 1sgt! Good shooting Barry with the smoothy!
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    Pedersoli KY flint - sow's ear/silk purse?

    That's why you stay away from flint guns made by Pedersoli. There is no good deal with their crappy quality which was not improved to an acceptable standard in 35+ years. A flint gun needs a flint breach and the lock needs properly balanced springs. They just slap a badly made flintlock onto...
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    senior citizen kentucky hunting license

    They will loose a lot of hunters over $7.50 per year? You get the license for $1.05 a month. You hardly get a breakfast at most diners for the $7.50 increase...
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    Did one ever try to clean an HK rifle with he German Army issued "multi-purpose oil"? I was the smart ass buying the small ballistol aerosol spray with my own money and carrying it. Even though technically not "allowed" to use it, after a day of shooting: One burst into the action, two burst...
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    Competitive Marksmanship Question

    I got a webpage which allows you to see all matches and find what you can shoot quickly.
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    Over the counter Muzzleloader Deer tags for Non residents?

    Indiana, you can use ML during regular firearms and during ML season. There are decent flights from Las Vegas into Evansville. You can then hunt KY as well. Just over the river. Several thousand acres if public land closeby, but no camping. Hotels/ Motels in nearby cities.
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    Friendship Forum Woodswalk

    I can't attend. Will be in CO chasing elk with the longbow.
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    Osterburken 2017

    Euskirchen 😁 I didn't like that place for shooting...
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    Osterburken 2017

    Only drawback is that all shooting matches are in an enclosed shooting house, but the trap match. Correct?