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    Flintlock misadventures... So many!

    Depends on the air compressor. A US Navy ship I was on had 3 types of air compressors, 175 psi, 550 psi, and 3000 psi. They were termed lp, mp and hp compressors.
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    What is the strangest old timey vegetable you have eaten

    Near where we used to live they found cammas ovens that were 3500 years old. Held up the construction of a newsprint mill for a while.
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    Any Lyman Plains Pistol fans here?

    I have two Lyman Plains 54 cal. pistols. One was subject to the recall so I sent the barrel to Lyman. Turns out that they didn't have any 54 cal barrels (until December), and offered either a 50 cal barrel or a complete 54 cal kit. I chose the 54 kit and am going to try browning the barrel. Am...
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    pistol capper that really works

    I just got one too. Seemed to get here in about a week. As above, great folks to work with.
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    pistol capper that really works

    I ordered one the other day and it is on the way. Communication is GREAT with them. No problem, just charged my VISA card.
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    The Mesa you speak of, would that be Grand Mesa? I have many connections to the Grand valley in Colorado.
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    Far northeast Washington state.
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    Lived amongst the bears for 19 years, and can only say that they can smell things a heck of a lot better than they can see them. One day was fishing, and an adult blackie was fishing upwind from me. I walked up to within 30 feet of him before the wind shifted and he scooted off. When he would go...