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    Infected, anyone else?

    I’m pretty sure it went through my neck of the woods late fall as well. Lotta folks down at the same time with the same symptoms as cov19.
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    snake load for my Remington

    Always thought this little guy looked promising. Yes, it is a black powder 12ga.
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    Easy to Make Target Board

    I run a line of wood screws through the board so they stick out a half inch or so on the target side. Five or so on top and same on the bottom. Makes changing the paper quick and easy, just poke the screws through the edge of the paper.
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    Barrel Length

    That’d be histerical.
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    Wild inaccuracy with CVA .50

    How do scotch brite green/maroon scratch pads do with polishing a bore, compared to fine steel wool?
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    Knives with suspenders?

    Hippys wet dream, but I loved that show back then. Think about that scene with Adams on the edge of a cliff, standing between the cliff and Ben, holding his rifle balanced in his hand, frequently when I’m muzzelloading.
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    My rifle likes to hit the bullseye only when I ain’t lookin.
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    What is the strangest old timey vegetable you have eaten

    I’ve ate thistle (almost as good as porkypine), purslane, Cattail, (told a girl I knew once I’d ate cattail, she said, “...noooh, the cartilage too?”) mullein, teasle, (make tea from the root), pine/fir needle tea, dandelion, stinging nettle, gonna try horsetail as soon as I can find some, got...
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    PC question I’ve always wondered about

    It would be purified though
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    Making soup stock

    Any reason not to throw any of the bloodshot meat in the pot too? Not that I have any with this one, but as I’ve said before, I tend to shoot deer in the neck, and I think that’s gonna be my main soup bone in the future. A lot easier than trying to whittle all the meat off it.
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    Making soup stock

    Boiling up some soup bones like mom used to, but I forgot how to preserve the stock. We just butcherd a deer and threw the bones in a pot. I guess I kinda jumped the gun, shoulda figured out what I was going to do first. Thought I knew.
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    So I been thinking...

    Awesome discussion guys, thanks for the replies. Dad used to use me to bird dog brushy draws too. Maybe that’s why even now I tend to get in the middle of the thickest garbage around. I thought of a pistol, but I think my biggest concern is the quest for the “ perfect” gun... a good brush gun...
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    call me lisdexic, but the first time I read the title l was sure it said, “SHOOTING HAND OFF” I grew up shooting all sorts of long guns as often as I could, and for years tried to follow the conventional wisdom I was told, to squeeze the trigger, slowly and it should be a “surprise” when it...
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    So I been thinking...

    So I been thinking... There are areas I hunt where deer seem to hang out, that are so brushy the farthest shot I’m likely to get in there is maybe 30yds. Seems to me a muzzleloader would be a great brush gun, ‘cept for the weight and length. So my DIY nature suggested to my practical nature to...
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    How about some Horseradish?

    I wonder what would happen if I added some horseradish leaves to my next batch of souerkraut...