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    split forestock repair

    I fixed one that had exactly the same misfortune. I put Tightbond 3 in the split and put the barrel back in with a piece of wax paper between the stock and barrel than wrapped it tightly with blue masking tape. Came out perfect, almost invisible. The split is in the ramrod channel so it wont...
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    Goodies , I like to own

    Nice work Enfield
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    You could cut the barrel of behind the drum and install a new breech plug. This would have the added benefit of getting rid of that troublesome patent breech. It wouldn't fit in your Crockett rifle but would make an interesting project barrel. You would also have the option to go with a...
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    A question of possible rust

    You can take a small strip of cling wrap, like for wrapping up leftovers and seal around the muzzle / stock area. Also set your rifle at a angle to divert the flow of water away from the muzzle. I always gease my barrels with Rig grease before installing. Never had a problem with rust.
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    40 Caliber York Completed

    Nicely done
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    Reviewing tool purchase

    I wholeheartedly agree Rifleman, If one does not possess the skills, imagination and and the ability to think outside the box or is blessed with an unlimited tool budget you should probably stick to buying expensive pre ground ready to go chisels HF chisels modified to suit my needs have...
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    Reviewing tool purchase

    A cheap way to go on chisels is Harbor Freight. Most are unusable as bought but They can be reground and shaped to suit gun building needs and have served me well on nine rifles I have built. Also keep an eye on Flea Bay, I have bought a few nice ones there for cheap. I have also made chisels...
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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

    Hey Enfield, I'm all in, This is an interesting project. Thanks for sharing.
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    Round Ball with a belly?

    I'd say it's a defective mold. I think that this makes the case for a properly tuned rifle, right patch, right load and good marksmanship. I think this proves we sometimes are way over thinking these old front stuffers. Good shooting.
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    Barrel lug repair?? Solder paste??

    I had to solder some barrel lugs today so I snapped a pic of my hose clamp- hacksaw blade set up in case someone might be interested. Quick and easy way to deal with round barrels
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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

    Enjoying this thread enfield, You are a perfect example of what a man can do in a home shop with basic hand tools an a little imagination. A tip of my Texas sombrero to you Sir, I wish you lived in my neighborhood.
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    Barrel lug repair?? Solder paste??

    You can also get it at Home Depot
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    Barrel lug repair?? Solder paste??

    I think your idea would work Eric but instead of hot melt, I would use super glue gel. Get everything super clean, use Acetone. I used to spot scope mounts like this for drilling barrels. The best way to hold the lug in position is with a hose clamp and a bent piece of hacksaw blade...
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    Mule Ear Build???

    This lock does not have a half cock.
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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

    Nice work
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