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  1. swathdiver

    New guy from Florida

    Welcome from Florida as well!
  2. swathdiver

    Hello from South Florida, home to pirates from everywhere.

    Another Floridian welcomes you!
  3. swathdiver

    What Method for Removing Broken Screw?

    It's about 1/4" below the depth of the inlet for the wedge plate. Everyone has given great advice, thank you! I'll keep you posted on the results.
  4. swathdiver

    What Method for Removing Broken Screw?

    Finally getting around to building the Hawken pistol my father gave me for Christmas in 1981! Some time ago I attempted to fit the wedge plates and broke a brass screw off inside the walnut stock. The remnant is about 1/4" deep. What would be the best way to remove this broken screw without...
  5. swathdiver

    Trigger weight on Black Powder Revolvers?

    Some folks believe in and support the Constitution, some folks don't. A pedo ought to be executed. That's their debt to society.
  6. swathdiver

    Shotgun came already loaded.

    Just common knowledge 'round these parts. An uncapped rifle or pistol or scatter gun is not going to go BANG by someone pulling its triggers.
  7. swathdiver

    Shotgun came already loaded.

    Unless there was a percussion cap on the cone or powder in the pan, we consider them charged and not loaded.
  8. swathdiver

    Oldest photograph of a dog.

    My daughter was given several dogs that had bitten people and were unruly because they had not been properly trained. She took them out to several friends farms where they were trained (by the pack and people) to hunt and become more sociable around people. It worked.
  9. swathdiver

    Oldest photograph of a dog.

    This is the oldest photo with a dog in our family that I'm aware of. This is my grandfather as a young man in the early 1930s with his dog on the hunt:
  10. swathdiver

    Muzzleloader Confiscated at Mass. Airport

    You're absolutely right, under Federal Law and the laws of many states it is an antique firearm and antique firearms are not firearms. As they tell us, ignorance of the law is no excuse. But they have guns and badges and will use them and there's not enough of us who are willing to stand up to...
  11. swathdiver

    Targets; Opinions wanted

    RB 100-7
  12. swathdiver

    Gunsmithing screwdrivers

    Grace USA and custom here as well.
  13. swathdiver

    Alifia RiverRendezvous

    After ten years of trying, almost made it this time until the flu bug got me.
  14. swathdiver

    Hello from South Florida

    So am I!
  15. swathdiver

    Dutch Schoultz : A Mighty Tree Has Fallen In the Forest

    Dutch taught me how to shoot black powder rifles with consistency and make small groups. RIP Dutch, prayers for his family.