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    North Carolinians...step forward and be counted !

    JOCO checking in.
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    Goex 4F out of Stock

    so if I made pan powder from PDEX that would be better than 4F?
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    Raw black English flint

    I just across a huge chunk of chert in a state park. well ya all know I cannot touch it...
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    Out croppings...

    Accessible pockets of north Carolina Chert ? Anyone?
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    Getting some Graf reinactor Powder....

    Could you blend it with goex as an extender?
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    Goex 4F out of Stock

    Which burns hotter in the Pan? Crushed down Goex? Or PDEX? Would all the Chemists and Physicists please weigh in...
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    Goex 4F out of Stock

    Switched out a couple of TC frizzens and replaced them with Pedrosoli,s. all works fine with a sharp flint and proper prime . Be it Goex or PDex
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    Beer Can Busters of the World Unite

    fill them with water freeze them and you have a cheap reactive target
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    500 Yards, Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade .50 Cal

    How about a nice Civil War Factoid discussion?
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    Building a Pecatonica Tennessee Classic Longrifle

    Bob, no worries. When you speed around the racetrack of perfection you are bound to blow a tire once in a while!
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    Pyrodex in a Flintlock?

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    Failure to fire rate

    Whats a misfire rate?
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    Pyrodex in a Flintlock?

    Had a guy next to me at flatbrook range...."Man that thing goes off like a center fire" Did not say I was using PDEX
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    Pyrodex in a Flintlock?

    They argued about 3f vs. 4f bear grease.....