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    Heading out.

    Well that stinks. Hate you missed your chance, but it happens.
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    Eight hours on the hoof!

    Heck yeah! Looks like you had a great time.
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    In Praise of the Hawken

    Rudyard likes a light rifle and others prefer some heft. If I was trekking for days on end I might like a light rifle as well. Or I might just stick a sling on my Hawken. 😉 I’m a Hawken man thru and thru though. I like looking at others, but they don’t really call to me like a Hawken does. Mine...
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    Holster for the Rogers & Spencer

    o_O 😂
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    Finished pictures of Kibler kit...

    @labrat, I have a question for you. When you put in the rings at the muzzle did you use epoxy to hold it or is it strictly a mechanical connection from hammering the wire in?
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    First attempted using Schuetzen 3fg

    I don’t know how you guys stand having to swab between each shot. That would drive me nuts. If that’s what it takes then that’s what it takes, but I haven’t found it necessary yet.
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    Finished pictures of Kibler kit...

    Beautiful rifle. The engraving on the barrel is what really sets it apart from the other Kibler kits I’ve looked at here.
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    First Flintlock....quite an opportunity.

    That’s a good looking rifle.
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    Just an intro...

    Welcome from Campbell county Tennessee.
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    Finally got my first Deer

    Congrats! First of many deer for you, I hope.
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    Octagon to Round

    I think the T/C White Mountain Carbine has an octagon to round barrel.
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    What would you have done?

    Don’t antagonize that turd. Just keep doing what you want on your property and ignore him. He’ll lose interest pretty quick. Report it law enforcement, sure, but escalating the situation will just make it worse. Knowing that you don’t care what he thinks will most likely bother him more than...
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    Thanksgiving Doe

    Good shooting boss! Congrats!
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    Man Who Stole Johann Christian Oerter Rifle Sentenced

    Glad it made it back to its rightful owner. Not sure how I feel about the sentence that was handed out. If the same sentence would be given if he was 28 I’d be ok with it. The age of an adult shouldn’t be a factor in sentencing.
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    Hunting with a zoli .58

    Good luck to you. Hope you get a big one.