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    Might be ready for a match

    The club I shoot with has no restrictions on peep sights. I have never had a lot of experience with peeps, but decided it's maybe time to try one. My other rifles all have open sights and I shoot matches monthly with one of them.
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    Might be ready for a match

    I had an old TC stock laying around here for years, and bought a Green Mountain .45 RB barrel about a year ago and put on it. I added a Lyman peep sight and a 17a front sight, and it's set in a corner since. I finally got it out to the range yesterday to see if it was going to shoot, and I think...
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    Maryland Goes Traditional

    It's certainly nice to see a state finally realize that a primitive season should be limited to primitive type guns. I wish that here in Texas they would come to their senses and have a real primitive season !
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    Cutting a front sight dovetail

    I've done some with and without a hacksaw, but the saw does speed up the operation a lot. The biggest worry on my part is getting the dovetail cut where the sight will be correctly vertical, and not canted somewhat. Even a little cant makes the whole operation out of whack. When using a saw, I...
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    Lead fluxing?

    I've always just kept a candle nearby, and hold it in the lead for a few seconds, then use a large spoon to push the melted wax down through the lead. Afterward, just skim off the top and get to casting. Very quick and easy...I always figured it wouldn't hurt anything to remove some of the stuff...
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    Wholesale Hunter

    They did receive the pistol, and I got it delivered to me. All together it too just a little over a month....but they finally did come through. It would sure be a lot better though if they were not allowed to post stuff for sale they don't even have. The hammer pull and trigger pull was terrible...
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    California sights ??

    I used a lot of California sights for years on my guns, and normally purchased them from The Gun Works in Oregon. The last time I needed some, they told me they didn't have access to them anymore and the outfit that make them was the only place they were available. I forgot who carried them and...
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    FOR SALE Bag knife/ patch knife 165. shipped

    If I didn't have boxes of knives already, I'd be jumping on that one !! That is just really neat !
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    trigger pull, best ways to ease it up?

    I just bought a Pedersoli Bounty Hunter to play with, and the trigger on it was absolutely terrible ! It must have had a 20 lb. pull !! I notified Pedersoli and they referred me to Lee Shaver, as I guess he does a lot of their warranty work. He said he had one other of the same model with the...
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    Wholesale Hunter

    I actually got an e-mail from them saying they had shipped the pistol ! It is supposed to arrive here today...we'll just have to wait and see. Their price was better than other places I saw one advertised, and they were kind of hard to find at most places. I hope they come through as they...
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    Range time with New Orleans Ace #1

    I think that's the right idea.....load it like you would a .44 caliber and you should be okay.
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    Jumbo size hog coming in

    I have faith in your ability to get that big guy ! Best of luck !
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    Hello from the Deep South

    You want to learn about it, this is the place !
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    Show us your range box!

    It is certainly a box full !!
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    Show us your range box!

    I bought this box from a guy at a gun show about 25 or 30 years ago. It has most everything I'd ever need to shoot my guns, but it's getting pretty heavy to haul from my vehicle to the loading tables at the matches. I guess maybe some day I need to empty out about 30 lbs. of stuff or downsize !