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    Boiled linseed oil vs raw linseed oil

    I once toured the armory museum at Springfield, MA, and learned that stocks were finished by dipping in boiled linseed oil. Many stocks were mounted in a circular rack that then dipped into a circular tank of hot oil. Tour docent said they tried to finish stocks a month or so ahead of assembling...
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    Traditions rifle

    I recently had the opportunity to tune up the lock on a Traditions Kentucky rifle, the one with the two piece stock. The following needed attention: Cock jaws needed roughening up a bit so they would grip the flint and leather better. Used the electric engraving device used to mark tools. Pan...
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    Knapping hammer

    I have tried many things to sharpen a flint while it is in the lock. The one I liked least was a little brass hammer as I didn't seem to have very good control over where the strike landed. Same for the back of a knife handle. If a flint needs touching up for the last shot in a string in a...
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    CVA 12 gauge

    I have a 12 gauge side by side, and like it. End of buttstock was plain wood, I worried about breaking toe, so added a buttplate.
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    GPR Improvements

    Like your work on the ramrod retainer spring. My solution was a wooden ramrod with a serious bow in it. Provides its own tension. Some years ago I was out hunting muleys and lost the wedge on my TC Renegade. Put about a 4 inch wrap of duct tape on to hold the barrel in place. Darned if it...
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    Drilling out flash hole, Results!

    I have replaced several liners, and have assisted other club members with new rifles and new liners. Most new liners, and liners on new factory rifles have flash holes that are too small. I assembled a set of number drills, and enlarge one small step at a time until ignition is reliable. Most...
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    Jaw screw is stuck. Need guidance

    I'm looking at that very buggered hammer screw versus a fairly virginal top jaw screw and wondering if the jaw screw was replaced with something with the wrong thread. If so, go gently, you might be able to restore the original threading. As noted above, patience is the most important thing to...
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    How do you take off the crown from a flint ?

    When I get a bag of flints I sort them into three groups- really good, save for match use and hunting - okay, use for training and informal shooting - and fix so they'll work. Flints that are uneven side to side, pointy on top, or with excessive rocker on the bottom get trimmed. Diamond hand...
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    Trail tarp advice?

    I made my tarp tent//plow point tent from a fabric called #30 pocket drill from JoAnn Fabrics. This is an all cotton tightly woven light canvas. Before cutting and sewing fabric was washed and dried twice on hottest machine settings. Leftover fabric was cut into 6" triangular reinforces for...
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    Screw Removal Help

    This has been a good series of posts, worthwhile for all of us, and not just for gun work. One of the most important things to apply when dealing with stuck screws is patience! Apply penetrants and then let sit for at least a few days. Try a few heat and cool cycles, and more penetrant.
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    Kibler Kit help

    Recommend you get a small set of gunsmith screwdrivers in order to avoid buggering screw slots. Also, run all bolts into their holes a few time with finger pressure before attaching parts to stock, and lubricate wood screw threads with beeswax or soap before installing.
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    Traditions kentucky rifle

    I helped a friend build up a Traditions Deluxe Kentucky flinter kit, the one with a set trigger. The joining of the buttstock, plate and forestock with epoxy adhesive was accomplished using the barrel as an alignment fixture. Barrel was coated with mold release for about two inches fore and aft...
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    Stain and browning help

    I was gifted a Traditions kit with the dead white nearly grain-free beech stock. Used a cotton swab to test Laurel Mountain stains in the barrel inlet. Tried one, two and three applications of the stains, plus a few combinations. Wound up using one coat of cherry under two coats of walnut for a...
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    Lee REAL bullet

    I have two Lee REAL 50 cal molds, in the 250 grain and 320 grain flavors. Did testing at 100 yards with two quite different firearms. In a CVA Mountain Rifle with a 1:48 twist barrel the 250 grain grouped best. In a weird Pedersoli rifle styled like a Remington Rolling Block with a 1:32 twist...