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    Which story is most movie worthy?

    I like Monkeyman's idea - the history of the fur trade would make a great mini-series! I even have the title, "Hudson Bay"
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    Powder shortage effects

    Come on folks, let's not panic about Goex! - more than likely they will sell to some other company and if they don't, there will be a steady supply from dealers selling Swiss or Schuetzen which frankly are better powders. As for having to pay more for powder in the future, that probably can't...
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    Witnessed Unsafe Behaviors

    I will tell a story on myself that I never dreamed was an "unsafe act" but clearly turned out to be...I had an issue with what I thought was a clogged touch hole and since I had already primed the pan, I walked off to the right side and then out in front of my bench and turned the musket on it's...
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    Swiss BP

    Yes, it can but why would you? I Use Swiss 3F for pretty much EVERYTHING including priming. Works great, a LOT less powder grades to carry around and keep in stock and I would never consider going back to using various grades of powder for my different caliber flintlocks when they ALL work...
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    Military Heritage

    I have owned and shot and worked on two flintlocks that were made in India. One came from Loyalist Arms and the other was from Military Heritage. BOTH were ok (for the price) and shot pretty good. The issues that I had with them was that the locks are "clunky" and the main springs usually...
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    WANTED Thompson Renegade Rear Tang for Factory Peep Sight

    The TC uses a 8-32 x3/8 inch long fillister head screw (getting hard to find) but sometimes they come up on Ebay, you will have to paint the screw flat black yourself. I just did this job on a friend's TC. Could have waited and tried to find an original screw but he wanted to get back to...
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    Grudge. Advice for my flintlock rifle

    You can try .490 ball with a thicker patch or maybe a .495 with a thinner patch. My .50 shoots either well but does best with a .490 and a thick patch.
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    Barrel Harmonics or Technique?

    Very good discussion. I just learned some things to look out for when shooting ANY of my guns!
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    Northwest trade guns

    Caywood is a very fine Trade Gun but I couldn't afford one. Got a chance to buy a Sitting Fox for less than half the price of the Caywood and it has been one of the finest flintlocks I have owned. Handles and shoots great. Might not be quite as HC as some other makes but I promise you - a...
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    ML prices when powder is n/a

    The timid might start selling but most won't. Also consider all the laws and efforts to restrict and ban unmentionables and the price of those certainly haven't come down. As for BP, it will always be available - one way or the other.
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    Well, I finally dry-balled

    Anyone that says they have never dry balled, is someone that has never actually shot muzzle loaders!
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    1st application of stain..Help

    I think the color and finish is great looking. The area on the butt is just part of what gives the gun it's individual character. You can go to the trouble of a patch box if you wish and that would add a nice touch to the gun but otherwise, I think it looks great.
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    Oh, The Unfortunate Irony

    Well, I'm giving away my age here but I have to admit that I just don't care for "digital subscriptions." I still really enjoy reading a "hard copy" of a magazine and especially books! Reading something off a screen just isn't the same - sorry, but to me it just isn't! I understand it cost...
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    The “chamber” area of a muzzleloader...

    dave951 said it brother, amen to that! The only flinter I owned that had a patent breech I finally sold for just that reason.
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    Northwest trade guns

    I have seen photos of what are said to be original Trade guns and Fusil de Chasse too that had a rear sight "groove" filed into the breech tang, so perhaps that could be a help and still be considered HC.