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    Pawn Shop H. Leman Rifle ID

    The barrel tang appears to have been drilled more than once, hole is oval. My guess is parts recycling
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    Spout for Goex plastic bottle?

    I got mine from amazon or eBay. Think it is just a lid meant for ketchup and mustard squirt bottles
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    Swamped vs straight barrel on .40

    You could buy a really nice file for $300 and swamp it to whatever profile feels right. Just a suggestion.
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    Dear OLE TIMERS, Act Now

    Am I feeding an addiction when i sell a modern pistol to help pay for a Bess?
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    More "Flintlock Female Fun" from Pennsylvania.....

    He isn’t one of our monthly shooters but i believe he is a member, not sure.
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    More "Flintlock Female Fun" from Pennsylvania.....

    I enjoyed the event. Will bring a gun of my own next time. We weren’t sure what Darius had planned . It was an introduction for new blackpowder shooters . He also has plans for a new range in the area and a club to follow. I came with a group from the Garland Ridgerunners near Warren PA.
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    More "Flintlock Female Fun" from Pennsylvania.....

    I was there. Shot your guns. Never tried shooting a smoothbore with no sights before
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    is Sharps allowed?.

    Bought mine because i wanted a sharps. Have less than 100 rounds thru it. Fun to shoot but loading others At the muzzle is less labor intensive. Also have another of the same brand in 45-70. They are well made and nice to look at.
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    Wife says I have a problem

    Going from one to four in two years is nothing. I ordered my Kibler and while waiting for delivery bought an un named flintlock. And just today bought a parker-hale which doesnt fit my collection. My wife gave up counting and doesn’t know i sold four this year to buy something else.
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    What smoothbore would you get next?

    Been shopping for an original Bess. I am not looking for the $10,000 kind, but one that is nice and sFe to shoot. Concidering a Rifle Shop 1869 kit
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    Rifled musket???

    I will check the dia when i get home. As to the rifling, there is an obvious step and a slight burr where it starts. I have some .600 ball somewhere i will try one of that size
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    Rifled musket???

    Got back to this toy Sunday. Was given a few rb at the match and tried them down the bore. Ball were for a 69 caliber. They fit the smooth section but stopped at the rifling ,upon seeing this i grabbed a .575 rb. It fell to the breach. I think maybe a liner was installed at the smaller...
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    Flintlock Short Rifle Information.

    I like it. Shorter even than my traditions Tennessee. Longer than the 58 pistol i am building which is 13 inches
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    No Hunting Sign

    It seems that this thread was meant for laughs. Has anyone heard of using purple paint to mark a property for no hunting? I’m in PA and was told this is a real thing. What if you are color blind? A splash of paint seems stupid
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    The decline of .45 caliber ML single shot pistols and rifles....

    I have always liked the 45 caliber. I have several in both ml and centerfire. I believe the push on a 50 cal has to do with what is available in the. Big box stores sure you can order most any size but the person first getting into the sport may limit access to stuff off the shelf.