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  1. Spikebuck

    Another smoothbore whitetail

    "Just for kicks..." Pardon the pun!!! :)
  2. Spikebuck

    Thoughts on smooth bore rifle.

    I have a .62/20ga smooth rifle. 20 ga is minimum for turkey in my state. While I have not hunted whitetails with it, I did work up a load for it that I feel 75 yards would be max...50 yds no problem. I've taken squirrels, rabbits, and turkeys with it over the decade or so I've owned it...
  3. Spikebuck

    .58 for Squirrel?

    I have found that aiming at the nose generally puts a good number of bbs in the head while limiting what hits the body. I use a .62 but can't imagine the loads would be that much different. For squirrel I use 50 grs of 2fg, two 1/8" lubed felt wads, 1 1/4 oz of #6 chilled lead shot, and over...
  4. Spikebuck

    Hard to load overshot cards!

    This is what I've been doing for 7 or 8 years now. Pour in the powder then push the over powder wad a few inches down the barrel, pour shot in, put the over shot card in and push the whole works down to the powder. Works like a charm. Also, if you are shooting a capper, be sure your lock is...
  5. Spikebuck

    Front Sight Help

    For my eyes fluorescent yellow has always been my go to color whether sights or feathers on my arrows.
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    Another smoothbore whitetail

    Congrats! We don't see many postings of big game taken with SxS shotguns, much less Flint doubles! Cool!!! I wish the Pedersoli doubles had a little more drop in the stock. I had a percussion for a while but it just did not come up right on target for me. I was always looking way over the...
  7. Spikebuck

    FOR SALE Caywood Officer's Fusil

    I don't see it on the other forum sales and would assume it's sold and should be removed. Clearly the OP isn't responding and never has.
  8. Spikebuck

    Need a source for a Sling Swivel for a Jaeger rifle I'm building.

    Baldmonk, Is this the one you have from TOTW? This is the one I used on my TOTW Jaeger build and it worked fine. See the directions in the mount this through the forestock below the barrel through a...
  9. Spikebuck

    What makes a good squirrel rifle ?

    You absolutely cannot go wrong with the Kibler SMR in .32 or .36 for squirrels. Many first time builders have good results building a Kibler kit. "Building" is more like assembling with Jim's kits. I put together a Kibler .36 SMR for squirrels/small game. I actually think a .32 is better...
  10. Spikebuck

    First deer with a smoothbore

    Congrats! Nice looking doe and smoothie. 45 grs pushing a big roundball cannot be too fast, but clearly it had plenty to get the job done! The killing power of round balls is grossly underestimated by many. :-)
  11. Spikebuck

    TN Deer

    Congrats. Sorry to hear you had to hang up the stick bows. I've been reducing draw weight but still able to shoot and hunt. Traditional front stuffers are the next best thing.
  12. Spikebuck

    John Manton 17 bore rifle 1825 .. harvest

    Maybe I missed another post, but would be interested in the history of the gun. It appears to be in magnificent condition for its age. Family heirloom?
  13. Spikebuck

    Piebald buck

    Could have been, I guess. Usually people make that comment about spikes. Piebald is a recessive gene thing, not inbreeding. Here's some insight into piebald deer...
  14. Spikebuck

    Bear hunting

    Looks like a real dandy, from what I can see of him. Must have been very exciting and rewarding to execute a stalk on him!
  15. Spikebuck

    Piebald buck

    First I want to say that I have nothing against shooting spikes or any other deer of the hunter's choice and as is legal. But, I don't think it's necessary to target yearling spike bucks to have a healthy natural herd. Deer herds are full of inbreeding. While yearling bucks may disperse from...