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    .36 Caliber Fans?

    Thank you. All credit for the Southern Banded Horn goes to our very own "Ames" here on the forum. He creates fantastic horns!
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    .36 Caliber Fans?

    I have owned two .36 cal rifles. A Pedersoli Frontier and my current Kibler SMR. I haven't experienced fouling/loading issues. For target I swab each shot anyway, but hunting and using a .350 ball and .018 patch with Mink Oil I can shoot in the field at least ten shots + before loading...
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    Grizz with a 50 RB

    "Trophy" hunting does not have to be "killing just to kill." Hunters seeking out older more mature animals are still consuming and using the animals just like other hunters. They are also going home empty handed much more often, so actually killing far less! I see you donated your deer. Good...
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    Pedersoli Kentucky Frontier Flintlock Customization Project

    CG Excellent work! You really did a wonderful job. :thumb: It's amazing what a small $ investment and some pleasurable elbow grease time can turn these production rifles into. Glad my rebuild effort put you on the path to complete your own custom rebuild. You'll enjoy that gun for many...
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    Fowler recommendations -- budget-ish.

    If you go with Sitting Fox, be sure to ask who he is going to farm your build out to. Mine was built by a first grader with a chain saw. Yours could end up with a decent builder. It was my very first "custom built" purchase many years ago and I no idea the build was being farmed out. Owner...
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    How bad did mess up my dovetail? thing to keep in mind is that many of the cast sights come with bases that are WAY too thick. Just because a sight comes with a thick base doesn't mean you have to create a dovetail to match that. If I get a cast sight with a base that is ridiculously thick, I take some of that...
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    How bad did mess up my dovetail?

    Personally, I think there's a big difference between very small holes drilled to a "certain" depth and a relatively large piece of metal removed to virtually the same depth. The risk of exposure to a groove coming to the top under that large of a surface area is much greater.
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    Thanks Kevin Dougherty, Bobby Hoyt and Dutch Schoultz

    Congrats. :thumb: Whether it be a parent, other relatives or friends, or someone in the business, I'd venture a bet that ALL of us owe someone a debt of gratitude for any success we've had.
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    Hunter Orange period clothing

    Jackpine, thanks for finding and posting. I still have that capote for deer hunting to be legal in Minnesota. :thumb: Northwest Traders made the capote and did a great job. They had to have the blanket custom made since that is not a standard color.
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    My 3rd muzzleloader Bull Elk

    Great bull. Congrats! :thumb:
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    Field Cleaning

    I agree that just plain old water is fine and no need to heat it. When out in the snow, I just put a patch in my hand with a little scooped up snow, then close my hand to melt the snow to make the patch wet. Flinters without a patent breech are easiest. Guns with a patent breech would...
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    Sons first Flintlock kill - late season PA

    That's a dandy doe and clearly a shot on the money! My congrats to both of you. :thumb:
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    First Flintlock Kill

    Congrats! :thumb:
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    Caplock squirrels

    Congrats on a good squirrel hunt. Nice pic. :thumb: I had a Frontier in .36. Very good squirrel gun, but Pedersoli does put a honkin big front sight on them! Personally, I like a fine bead for squirrels.
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    Start em young

    Unfortunately, the .54 Hornady GP is not made anymore. I had no luck at all with solid base conicals, even with a wad under them. A couple different hollow based conicals worked great. While I have never tried them. the Lyman .54 Minie mold looks like it would produce a bullet very close to...