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    Colt Patterson No.5

    A pretty interesting look into the history and development of the Colt Patterson No.5 pistol... They use a reproduction for obvious reasons, and pyrodex for demonstration purposes but it’s a really well done episode and looks to be the first in a new series. And while it’s outside the realm...
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    Militia House?

    Anyone know what's going on with these guys? The last update said they were still moving and that was almost a year ago... They had some nice stuff that I would have liked to have ordered from, but at this point I'm ready to start looking elsewhere.
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    SAR/DAR Members?

    Does it count if you're descended from a Hessian... ;-p
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    Canadian Rangers and miitia

    It's been a while but I seem to remember that most of Rogers engagements against Marin, both offensive and defensive, began from ambush... That gives a significant advantage to those with the initiative until (and if) the one on the bad end of the ambush can rally or bring up re-enforcements to...
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    smoothbore weight

    For what it’s worth, my Fusil-de-Chasse made from a TOW kit is pretty light and feels lighter due to its incredible balance.
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    Rust prevention...

    So down here in Texas I've noticed the weather isn't kind to black powder guns. For the most part this is easy to mitigate. I over oil during cleaning and touch up metal as needed whenever rust starts to appear. That said, I don't want to be taking the barrel out of the stock on a regular basis...
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    Wad thickness...

    So I got my fusil-de-Chasse out last week for the first time... The more I get to handle it, the more I love this gun. Anyway, I had meant to try and get a rudimentary idea of what it shot most accurately between different size balls, powder, and wads vs patching, but when I got to the range I...
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    So here's a dumb question...

    So I recently got my .62 caliber/20ga Fusil and I need to order some ball before I get out to the range. I went on TOW today and realized they have the two (20ga and .62 cal) separated into different categories. 20ga has .600 round ball listed and .62 cal lists .610. I was going to get both and...
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    Received my TVLLE Fusil!!!

    Can you see the imgur photo I posted?
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    Received my TVLLE Fusil!!!

    I tried it on imgur, maybe it’ll work better...
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    Received my TVLLE Fusil!!!

    ***Walnut not oak... Brainfart.
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    Received my TVLLE Fusil!!!

    French TVLLE Fusil de Chasse in .62 cal/20ga. and stocked in oak. It was built off a Track of the Wolf kit for me by Larry Cruise, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’d never handled a Fusil before this one and the first thing that struck me is how shockingly light this beautiful smoothbore is! It...
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    Frontier on Netflix

    I really tried to like it... I made it all the way to the last episode of the first season and just couldn't bring myself to care enough to finish it.
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    Sanitation and cleanliness in the 18th Century...

    This probably doesn't belong here, but I can't see another sub-forum where it would be better suited... So I got sent a link to a news clip about an, admittedly interesting, story about some yuppies who decided to leave the modern world behind and live in the forests of North Carolina. The...
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    Fusil-de-Chasse question...

    What's 'barley corn shaped'?