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    Well I pulled the trigger

    Too easy to distort aluminum cans when filling them. Even when getting the top off.
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    Well I pulled the trigger

    But it won't fire on Sundays.
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    Help for old eyes

    Don't pull the trigger!!!!!!
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    Help for old eyes

    Some things are not fixable. Had a detached retina in my right eye. Even with the retina reattached my right eye vision dropped to 20/500. Teaching myself to shoot left handed was not easy and still feels unnatural. Thankfully .22 rimfire was cheap then because I burned through a lot of it...
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    Help for old eyes

    Same principal as the scope mount on Scout rifle unmentionables. Like it.
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    WARNING: A too good deal is probably a too good deal if from a stranger.

    I think the 25 post minimum is helpful. But I think the best thing you can do is not send your hard earned $ to someone who has not been on here for at least two years and had a significant number of posts. Very few scammers will be active on a site for two years. I do not suggest that this...
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    FOR SALE Hunting & Fishing Lease in Dauphin County

    Ruffed grouse? Sounds like you have some suitable habitat.
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    Smoothbore handgun with shot....

    Curious about your thoughts on this. A longer barrel affords more sight radius. But, with a pistol grip, how effectively can you use that improvement? It should also yield improved groups and range. But it seems to me these cutoff guns are what used to be called belly guns and that a longer...
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    A good day grouse hunting.

    Two ruffed would not save a starving cat. But I would marinate the breast meats in tabasco and milk. You have had a good day! Congratulations!
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    Smoothbore handgun with shot....

    Do one thing or the other. I'd suggest get a shooting partner and train the dogs while you recuperate. Let him deal with aim and recoil and you work the dogs. The benefits will be real next season.
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    Should be a good squirrel season.

    I am in PA. Wish we had an open season on legislators from Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks, and Montgomery counties.
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    FOR SALE .54 Caliber English Styled Rifle

    The president of a shooting club I was in years ago put two big gun safes in his basement. His wife was watching "her shows" on TV. After his umpteenth trip by her carrying guns to the basement she screamed "How many ________ guns do you have ?!?!?!?
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    How I Make A Ramrod and Range Rod

    I wonder about black locust. I use it for raised beds, fence posts and such. Probably be an sob to turn a dowel out of.
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    Cabin Creek Ladies Flintlock.

    There are probably builders as good as the Emigs. But I doubt you will find any better. My Cabin Creek rifle is a work of art.
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    What are you putting your money on. Draw

    1860 Army. But partnered with a long gun. Double shotgun for town. Sharps rifle for the bush.