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    Pyrodex P

    How does the “P” version work in rifles?
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    A cap Story.

    Making passable flint spalls is not that hard. Mine are not pretty, but they are functional. I can bust out about 10 usable ones in about 20 minutes. About 70% are not usable, so I have a pretty high rejection rate. But my cost is zero because the white chert I use is found everywhere around...
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    Rifling Depth.

    Why are the rifling grooves so deep in modern traditional rifles? Aren’t the deeper grooves less likely to be wiped clean after a shot when he next patched ball is loaded? And isn’t it harder to get any kind of a gas seal with really deep grooves? I know that it is not possible to ever get a...
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 New Model Army steel frame 44 caliber, 6-round unfluted clylinder

    What does “ the government offered the Yankee officers to take over as an outfit at the end of the war “ mean?
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    How useful is toeplate?

    Very desirable. Practical, and looks nice. Mainly practical.
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    Well I got the Smoothbore, but now...

    I have bent several shotgun barrels. It’s a little scary at first, but easy to do. “Flexing” the barrel might be a more descriptive term. Remove the barrel from the stock. When you apply pressure to the middle of the barrel you will need to bend it to where you can easily see the displacement...
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    Mdm tomawacker 12 gauge

    What is a toma-wacker ?
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    WANTED. a nice New Tent.

    Who makes that tent? I like it.
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    If FedEx stops delivering Black Powder…

    I do not think they are required to ship anything they do not want to.
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    What should my first one be?

    What do you want to use it for?
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    DUDE, SMOKED HIM!!!???

    I cannot watch those kinds of hunting shows because the behaviors of the idiots on camera disgust me. The “ hunters “ ( who are usually attempting ridiculous shots using every electronic hunting aid known to man ) with bipods, tripods, and scopes that are half as log as the gun barrel almost...
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    Last Powder for a While

    I’ll bet trying to find an insurance carrier would be fun, too. Can’t operate a business when insurance companies are too afraid of the political blowback to touch you with a ten foot pole.
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    Last Powder for a While

    You don’t really think the current administration has the slightest interest in seeing another gunpowder making business start up, do you?
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    Crockett rifle questions

    Why are you removing the barrel for cleaning? Not necessary at all. Only causes more wear and tear on parts.
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    100 yard groups with a Smoothbore Musket

    How does your Charleville ( I assume ) do at 50, 75, and 100 yards?