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    What's a good deer rifle for a small statue woman?

    An Ohio-style rifle in .40-.50 would work well. Here is mine: Weighs but 6 lbs and the 30” bbl is more than manageable. I’d choose a .45 for in the woods deering work. Won’t knock a woman over but will knock Bambi over just fine!
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    New to me Lowell Haarer Bear Pistol - Just in time for Deer season!

    Jim already has plenty on his plate with the new Indian trade gun.
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    Caliber Opinions. First Build

    The .54 is a great “middle of the road” caliber. It can’t compare to the more effective .58 and .62s on big game, but for deer sized and below, it’s a very good round and is way above anything smaller.
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    Caliber Opinions. First Build

    I chose .54 but would go with a .58 or preferably a .62. Bigger is better.
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    FOR SALE Deringer Trade Rifle, .54 flint

    What is the pull’s length?
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    New to me Lowell Haarer Bear Pistol - Just in time for Deer season!

    Awesome! Please share it with us when it’s done! :)
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    Pietta factory tour

    Very cool. I have been thoroughly impressed with the last couple Pietta percussion revolvers I’ve bought. Still not perfect, but the quality is certainly there.
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    FOR SALE Vintage custom .40 halfstock target percussion

    What a sweet pooch in your avatar. Rub his nose for me!
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    Red powder??

    Neither do I. They're visible in the bore.
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    Red powder??

    It’s called “fairy cherries” and is a sign of a top, efficient load.
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    Dance & Brothers question..........

    I turned several guys on the forum on to those guns when they hit the market from that collection. I didn’t buy one myself as I figured they were too valuable to shoot, and I’m no collector. Still should’ve gotten one.
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    Is 15 grains of 3f goex enough powder

    If you can hit them at that range with that load, absolutely. Should still be giving way more than enough to kill.
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    Dance & Brothers question..........

    It’s kind of like a scaled down dragoon so?? Not really sure as it’s kind of it’s own duck. Hopefully someone will be along to give a better answer soon!
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    Good enough?

    Have you done a load’s development? Because that’s a good start.