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    Making Wads

    Today I punched some wads for my .44s: 2:1 lamb’s tallow and beeswax using Durofelt pure wool felt. Saves a ton of money over store bought and they work far better. Keeps the fouling buttery soft even after many rounds. If you don’t make your own wads you should try it, you’ll like it guys.
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    Bluing Help? And Custom Grips?

    After so much time I am finally about to repair my Uberti 1858. A while back I antiqued it but now I’m wanting to reblue it and also have custom wood grips made out of osage orange wood, my favorite wood. Anyone know anybody that can reblue my gun and make grips for it? Thanks!
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    Beer Can Busters of the World Unite

    You’d have a stroke if you saw some spots in Nevada, it’s really bad.
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    Beer Can Busters of the World Unite

    I didn’t think you were but we live in an accusational society these days, some never like to miss a chance to judge.
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    Beer Can Busters of the World Unite

    How emasculating lol.;) Tin cans, no matter the previous contents, are always a whoot and a wholler to shoot. A fat “low n’ slow” .44 roundball from a cap n’ ball pistol will send them sky high and it’s always a pleasure.
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    What Is A Horse Pistol

    Regardless of the historic terminology, I prefer to call them “pony busters”, or “nay nay blasters”. But that’s just me.
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    What are you putting your money on. Draw

    Remington 1858 .44. I think they’re a little more robust than the Colt’s, have much better sights, and have good stopping power. There’s also the ability to carry additional loaded cylinders, even though most agree that probably wasn’t really done much back then in real life.
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    The first poor boys

    Here’s an Allen Martin Schimmel:
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    I’m Getting Back Into It Gang

    Thanks, gang! Didn’t know there were as bad of shortages in black powder components. I knew about the cap shortage, but flints too? Dang it. :( I’m about to get out my ‘ol wrist rocket at this rate!! Are pebbles n’ stones in short supply too???
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    Do Slixshot nipples lessen cap jams in Colt style C&B?

    They can help, but there are other reasons it happens. A rough hammer face and too weak of a mainspring are two other big culprits.
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    They went that a way!

    I just need some Remy 10s as a couple of my pistols is set up fer ‘em.
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    They went that a way!

    I’ve got a box of 1000 of them CCIs still tucked in one of my Rubbermaids. Need to bust out the ole smokin’ piece soon, and I’m not just talkin’ about my old see-gar stash, neither.
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    I’m Getting Back Into It Gang

    Thank you sir! Ehhh... it was lol but if you check the news, yeah there’s been some goings on that we can’t really discuss here but it’s going to cause a massive shakeup on unmentionable ammo supplies again.
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    I’m Getting Back Into It Gang

    Gang, Hello! :) I haven’t been so active here as of late but I am getting back into the muzzleloading hobby. As some here may be tracking, and this subject is a touchy one on this board, so I won’t elaborate much, but there has been an extreme upset in the unmentionable ammo supply recently...
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    Shot the GRP today..

    Sorry but that group doesn’t count. The target was upside down.