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    Lubed fiber wad containers

    Seresto flea collar can, about 4 “ in diameter. Take the shot bag and ticking out and it will hold approximately 50 pre lubed wads. Way more than I care to shoot in one outing..
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    Bare Ball Size

    My gun mics .653, I shoot. .642 ... but a .648 shoots well too. It seems as if a ball close to the actual bore size works better than a smaller one when shooting bare ball loads. At least in my gun it does..
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    Yes it is Gunpowder

    Explosive as a propeller.... got to be a rocket scientist. That explains the secret squirrel code.
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    Diablo Peeps

    Probably about the only kind of hot chick I could handle these days....lol
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    Is there a list of Muzzleloader dealers?

    TVM in Mississippi Chambers in the Carolinas.
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    Opinion on this rifles time period.

    It's a good looking gun that should be Welcomed at any shoot. The only exception might be at a juried event or a truly Historical event.
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    Removing factory grease

    Tilt the barrel muzzle down and just use a damp patch , Carburetor cleaner works well I'm told.
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    Possible bags

    The zip lock has been replaced with a small tin for patches... Here's my smoothbore pouch...
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    New belt bag..

    Sorry for the late reply.... I think that one was 7 1/2” wide x 6” deep Thanks
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    Different lubes different results.

    That's how I do mine as well with the OO or the One Shot ... The spit patches which I use now only in emergency situations and they are usually cut at the muzzle. Emergency being, I ran out of pre lubed or lost my tin ...
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    Different lubes different results.

    I would re shoot the dry patch load now just too see if it moves again.... 2" is a good bit at 25 yards. Some great targets posted above, Guys there's some Folks out there that can shoot... And I'm sure each one has that certain , preferred lube. Own a .54 cal rifle with a Colerain barrel...
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    My first Powder Horn - The full Tour

    Well done! Congrats
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    My first powder horn etching work...

    Fantastic work and a great tutorial. Thanks for posting, I'm looking forward too seeing more of your work.
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    My 7 Years War, S.W. NC. near Whiteside Mountain, Scottish Regalia & Jim Chamber's place

    What kind of club does the Gentleman in the top photo have strapped on? .40 cal? Smart Man...