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    Stimulus Guns

    What happens in Soddy, stays in Soddy. Or so I’ve been told...... Great looking display.
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    Education needed

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    Didn't Happen Last Week, but it Did Today!

    Wow! That seems like a lot too take off the front sight... I hope you didn’t go too much. I did on my GPR, cost me a new sight.. Since then when sighting in a new to me gun, I start up close 12-15 yards get the windage correct then move back to 25 yards, then I make the final adjustments at...
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    thumb screw

    Could be he is referring too one of these... screwed into the tang.
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    Dealing with lead buildup?

    I just use steel wool on a brush or jag....not historically correct. But it works. I suspect that historically, that is why we hear barrels were freshened from time to time.
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    Bare balls in the backwoods

    If I were on the frontier, I would try working powder into the touch hole and shooting the dry ball out. Other than that, I don’t see where pulling a patched roundball from a smoothbore would be any more difficult than pulling a patched ball from a rifled gun ... maybe the smoothbore would be...
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    It's been a good run, but Im going to hang up my powder horn for a spell

    Good Luck in your journey....
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    My Father's Passing - from Gooba Jones, Jr.

    Prayers sent for your Family. May your Dad RIP.
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    Gourd canteen

    That’s a great size. Thanks
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    Cherry Southern Guns?

    Dave I grew up in NW Al, there were 2 black cherry trees on our property. Both were at least 30”at the base, however in both cases it was 2 trees that grown together when they were saplings apparently. I had an Uncle who made bedroom furniture from Cherry wood .
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    Gourd canteen

    Looks great BN, pint or quart size? I like the net idea. Well done ,,it should fit well with the rest of your kit.
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    Treating Leather garments...

    Mine might be a bit of an overkill.... But, it will kill!
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    Scrimshaw artist

    Needles, nails, old darts, scribes, exactor knives, sharpen awls ... I’ve tried them all... Nothing has worked well for me. I always seem too have issues with the tip following the horns grain. Off track!
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    Bearded bags.

    Curly strips of leather (fringe) on the bag.. I saw a tutorial on building one somewhere not long ago...... It makes a nice looking bag , but appears too be a lot of work !