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      SLOTHEAD replied to the thread Hello from alaska.
      Welcome from northern Maryland. I have a Nephew-in-law there in Fairbanks. We don’t see him often enough.
      SLOTHEAD replied to the thread New Member.
      Hello and welcome from Frederick, MD
      SLOTHEAD replied to the thread To much is made of short arbors.
      I like your avatar BALLSHOOTER, I’m an ancestral Viking too!
      SLOTHEAD replied to the thread new member from bavaria.
      Welcome from northern Maryland (Frederick to be specific) and while a professional of much more modern weapons, always interested in...
      SLOTHEAD replied to the thread Striped sponge/rammer.
      It turns out that the rammer’s construction technique (per the 1862 Ordnance Manual for Officers) indicates that the rammer head is...
      SLOTHEAD posted the thread Striped sponge/rammer in Cannon.
      I have seen sponges colored in stripes and they all seem to have rammer heads (opposite) that are countersunk or relieved in the center...
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