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    New member from the Florida Panhandle

    Welcome to the forum from High Springs
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    FOR SALE TScottW99 account has been hacked.

    I have said it before...I think someone here is the constant culprit. They know what we like. Know what we want. Know what we will pay. Just technologically advanced enough to stay ahead and not get caught. One day their day will come....
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    FOR SALE Semi Custom Traditions Hawken Woodsman

    Your finish looks really nice. Love me some fresh brown!
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    FOR SALE Percussion TC Hawken and TC Renagade 50 cal $350 obo for both

    Something tells me we wont hear from OP again....
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    I got me a Cap Gun .

    That is a good looking rifle!
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    CLOSED TC 56 cal smoothbore

    So I guess they recalled the barrels removed the caliber markings and rebore them and then remarked them without being able to notice it?....doubt it....don't know where you heard that but...
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    SOLD REDUCED TC Pre-Renegade .54

    Mine is marked the same no renegade....4167
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    You Never Forget Your First

    TC white mountain carbine. I was 12 and it was the baddest gun on the planet. Grandfather gave it to me. Haven't a clue where it came from. It wasn't new but it was mine. I still cherish it. The only thing I have ever stuffed in it is a 275 maxi. 85 grns of 2f and it would kill a t-rex. Back...
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    4 Famed Hunters and the Names of Their Guns

    Nicely written piece.
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    neighbor stopped by for coffee this AM

    Looks like that bear fell prey to something that ends with the word magnum if ya look at what's leaning against that tree...looks like 24" or 26" inches of long range killing machine 👍 and that's a fine looking black and tan!
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    Welcome from High Springs
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    Elk County Ammo & Arms

    I've bought a couple unmentionables from them over the past couple years. Customer service is outstanding. Every time I have ever called the same lady has answered the phone and she is really nice. Good shipping turn around.