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    I put mine in the mail this morning. Hopefully it will get to you in time.
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    Well its been a while since I've had the flintlock out to shoot. Just printed the target.
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    September 2016. Basic 5-shot

    Well its been a few years since i sent you a target Jethro, this one will be headed to you tomorrow.
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    Wooden Canteens

    I made this one a few years ago,it works pretty good.
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    loading block ideas

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    Price of Goex ..?? Good guy to deal with.
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    email of possible deleted acct ??????

    Claude, i received the same thing. I emailed it to you, please let me know if you got it. I did the copy and paste thing and am not sure if it worked.
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    Search " Black Chert Silica Specimen " on Ebay. Buy the big black rock looking like piece with white powder on it, and nap a few flakes off it. Its the best you can get, in my opinion. Black English flint is what it is i think.
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    Aluminum Anvil?

    Flat rate shipping. "If it fits it ships" $15 i think.
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    Aluminum Anvil?

    EBay has several such anvils. One is 11 inches long and 5 inches wide. "Vintage Jewelers/Watch Maker Anvil Solid aluminum"