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    Eye protection for someone with glasses

    Regular glasses are not safety glasses. Safety glasses are not paintball glasses, torch, plasma, or welding glasses, etc. Prescription safety glasses are very common and reasonably priced, and getting your eyes hurt or blinded is worth a good pair or three of them.
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    Are Shippers Targeting Guns?

    These do not protect, per se, but often times they get the persons attention who is handling stuff. There are many variations of these things, many inexpensive, many high dollar. The overnight/air requirement from ups came about years ago to reduce theft within their facilities, which was a very...
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    Lack of younger shooters?

    One of my favorite subjects, and as I see from many comments, as often as not the "customers" (youth) are being blamed for not not being "customers." Same on many forums. And yes, the future is in youth, and if we want to see our sports survive, the industry had better start treating people as...
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    What is everyone's opinion on this CVA Mountain Rifle ?

    My first ML rifle is a Mountain in 45. Built it about '78, headshot groundhogs out to 100 yards with ease. Very nice triggers, a real solid, accurate rifle. Slow twist for round balls only, which I personally prefer over the sabots and slugs. Consider removing the scope, keep or sell, put some...
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    Why wasn’t buckshot preferred over a roundball?

    I'm not sure what the various match rules are on wads, but these days, that's where the "choke" is. We can use flight control wads out to 60 yards or more and hold a 10" pattern with goose/turkey loads. Tech not available back in the day, but they shoot in ml guns nicely. Ballistics Products...
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    Because I fell in a creek......

    An old lady walks into a country store one day, returning a box of newfangled self lighting matches. "These ain't no good. They won't light" The proprietor takes one, raises up one leg a bit, and pulls it across his britches bottom. The match cracks to life with a big flame. "You gotta strike...
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    Country ham

    There are some good eats from our yankee friends and family we don't see much outside of the north. My mom was a New Yorker transplant, and often introduced strange foods to our poorer area of the south. Scrapple, real kosher delicatessen staples, etc. I like my scrapple cut thin and fried...
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    Country ham

    As the chefs like to say, start with proper ingredients. Hogs (heritage breeds are the best) raised and fed properly (not on a modern factory farm), field raised instead, things like sweet acorns (think the Iberian black foot hogs in Spain), alfalfa, etc, properly treated all the way through...
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    Country ham

    Cast iron cleaning for me is, deglaze, pour off the liquid, scrape a little if needed, wipe it out, hang it up. The big pot? Yeah, well... eat last!
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    Country ham

    Not sure. We had an older foodsaver, but we now use one of the bigger units we saw on Iron Chef. It has some white poly cutting board devices that you can remove to allow a sort of puddle of liquid to stand while you vacuum. Maybe hang it sideways?? We did have some containers with a hose, as I...
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    Country ham

    Ouch! Country ham, or as most folks called it when I was a kid, ham, requires some work. Since we're talking ex, I suggest some brains help out here, too. We also have an old cast iron kettle, guessing about 20 gallons-ish, from my wife's uncle, passed down a few generations. Been itching to try...
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    Country ham

    So, not 'zackly traditional, but my wife has this steam oven you see... Sous vide country ham! Just a hair brained notion, I'm sure others have done this, but I don't see much on the subject. It works really, really well. There are other ways to sous vide, but here is what I did: Very old...
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    Flintlock alarm clocks

    I have an old book, Firearms Curiosa, by Lewis Winant, filled full of strange firearms and things like this. Very interesting oddities.
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    Round Balls With Dimples

    Looked into it some years back. I don't recall the numbers, but velocity is the issue. Golf balls are slow, bullets are fast.
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    Upset with UPS

    We have a mile long drive, gravel, creek, steep hill, etc. Scary stuff for city oriented folks. About 50 yards up the drive we placed a rubber maid box/trunk, big enough for most deliveries. UPS has been real good about it, USPS just leaves notes in the mailbox for us to come get packages, and...