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    WANTED Fringed Buckskin Pants

    I got some nice ones off a company called Elk Rider Trading Post made for my sizes for a good price.
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    Any BP sellers in the Northern Kentucky area?

    I'm up in the Dayton Oh area, and I've never been able to find it here or around Cincinnati.
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    Wipe Out for Cleaning

    Never tried a foaming cleaner. Always used dish soap and windshield washer fluid. Works fine and $3 worth of it lasts a long time.
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    Do you prefer a smoothbore over rifles?

    Now I feel bad for not shooting my fowler for a bit. Guess I'll have to fix that.
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    New .50 flinter

    I think you did alright. Nicely done. Send us a range report when able.
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    Smoothbore shooting

    "I probably won't shoot, but still would try to help you out." Statements like that are why I consider muzzleloader people to be some of the best kind of people around on this planet. Pretty sure we could use a whole lot more of our kind of folk around here.
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    Out with my long lost flintlock today

    Heck yea man. Keep it up.
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    Powder measures

    Looks good man. Definitely different than the ones you normally see.
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    Cherry Southern Guns?

    I have a fowler and a Lehigh both in cherry. Absolutely love them. Been fascinating to watch their color develop.
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    I think I’m gonna make it after all

    Sounds like you'll make it just fine. And we need more young guys to shoot and camp with at rendezvous (I'm 34).
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    Hey y’all, I made a patch knife

    Looks good man.
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    Scrimshaw artist

    I say try it yourself as well. Mine is far from perfect, but so am I.
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    TVM Fowler

    Nice looking rifle. Should be loads of fun, enjoy. Welcome to our humble abode.
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    One little piggy went to market.....

    Pretty decent consolation prize. Nice shot.
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    SW Ohio Muzzleloader clubs?

    I would be interested in shooting with you too.