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    Powder measures

    Looks good man. Definitely different than the ones you normally see.
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    Cherry Southern Guns?

    I have a fowler and a Lehigh both in cherry. Absolutely love them. Been fascinating to watch their color develop.
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    I think I’m gonna make it after all

    Sounds like you'll make it just fine. And we need more young guys to shoot and camp with at rendezvous (I'm 34).
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    Hey y’all, I made a patch knife

    Looks good man.
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    Scrimshaw artist

    I say try it yourself as well. Mine is far from perfect, but so am I.
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    TVM Fowler

    Nice looking rifle. Should be loads of fun, enjoy. Welcome to our humble abode.
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    One little piggy went to market.....

    Pretty decent consolation prize. Nice shot.
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    SW Ohio Muzzleloader clubs?

    I would be interested in shooting with you too.
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    WITHDRAWN 12 Gauge Halfstock fowler

    Please remove this listing. Gun is headed to a better home.
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    Cut fingers

    Another +1 for Cuttfingers. Bought a few things off him over the years. Fair pricing, good communication and prompt shipping.
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    February 2020 Postal Match Bullseye plus ring

    Bill, As long as you're a member of this forum, which you are, then you can shoot these matches. So by all means, come join the fun man.
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    Wood Pack Frame?

    Mine was built just about the same as Boats and i didn't use any plans. Has held up very well. I'd say don't overthink and just give it a shot. I wouldn't kick you out of my camp.
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    February 2020 Postal Match Bullseye plus ring

    Sorry I missed this match. Good shooting guys.
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    WITHDRAWN 12 Gauge Halfstock fowler

    If anyone is interested and going to the Olde Town trade fair in Xenia, Ohio, I can bring it. After that, it's headed to Kalamazoo.
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    Front Sight Questions

    Hey man. Pretty cool to see how much you're getting into everything for this hobby. Using a punch like this should help.