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    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures

    Cold December day 2002 at Battle of Prairie Grove, Ark. First Arkansas Battalion staff, CSA. I’m standing left.
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    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures

    Did about 80% Confederate over 35 years, only 20% Billy Yank.
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    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures

    Here’s mine from a few year’s ago
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    I know about the dry ball club; but is there a no ball club?!?

    Guess I’m not in as many clubs as some of ya’ll, just the dry-ball club, forgot my balls club and the broken-wood-ramrod-through-my-thumb club. A heavy brass range rod cured the latter, but I seem to dry ball more than I should. I think I may have contracted dry-ball syndrome (DBS) over my MANY...
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    mink oil

    Love Mink oil in all seasons. Have not noticed aroma. Gets a bit soft when it’s in the 90s so I prelube my linen patches before heading to range and keep them in an old plastic 35mm film canister when it gets too warm.
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    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures

    It’s been a while since reenacting at Pea Ridge but yes I have. My last and most memorable time was a forced night march about 4 miles to Elkhorn Tavern with full gear and bedrolls to camp for the night and then march back the next morning to the re-enactment site (regs don’t allow event on...
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    8 shots later.....

    I had a fairly similar experience more than a year and a half back at the range but with a twist. It was all AR builds and flying brass. I was between a bunch of pilots from the nearby Air Force base and a dad and his son and daughter — probably 12 to 14 year age range. They seemed...
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    What is your main use for your muzzle loaders?

    Target shooting, occasional deer hunting but as much for the history of black powder firearms
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    8 shots later.....

    Burning black powder at the range with my .50-cal. GPR or Renegade are the best de-stressor, mind cleanse EVER. It slows me down and makes me concentrate. Nothing on earth beats that special muzzleloader boom and following burst of smoke, that AKWAYS turns head
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    Option other than blue or grey? Having re-enacted CW about 30 years, I wore mixed grey heavy wool shell jacket for years depicting the 3rd Louisiana as a pre-war militia unit that went into service for the Confederacy, before settling on a nice brown wool jean cotton/wool mix in a sack coat. Served me...
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    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures That's me as Battalion Sgt. Major in December 2002 (back, left). Battalion Staff of the 1st Arkansas Battalion, CSA, at the re-enactment of the Battle of Prairie Grove, Ark. Musket is a 3-band Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle, .577 caliber Euroarms (.58 cal.)
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    Hello from Ireland

    Welcome. My Christy family came to these shores from Northern Ireland in the 1790s. Nice to see a fellow Irishman on this site.
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    what oil to use?

    I use on Slip2000 EWL inside and out on my 3 MLs and all my other rifles and pistols. Superb product, non-petroleum and penetrAtes Metal. Lil expensive but goes a long way and doesn’t deteriorate in my experience. Won’t use anything else
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    New lube.

    I’ve been using my own concoction of 1 part castor oil, 1 part Murphy’s oil soap and 6 parts isopropyl alcohol as a range patch swab between shots to keep barrel consistent shot to shot with excellent results. I got onto castor oil decades ago from a CW reenactor friend and I like it.