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  1. Seth I.

    Inherited a flintlock pistol

    Those are not standard London Gunmakers Company proofs and are likely period forgeries. The standard London proofs should include a "crown/GP" proof mark of slightly different style and then a "crown/V" view mark. The Birmingham makers didn't have their own formal proofhouse until 1813 and...
  2. Seth I.

    Unusual cased French pistols.

    Not to mention the relatives of the French that fought in the American Revolution. The United States would almost certainly not have won the Revolutionary War without the aid we received from French. Them coming to our aid with arms, money, expertise, and later thousands of fighting men and a...
  3. Seth I.

    Anyone looking for a ’serpentine’ matchlock?

    That's a serpentine lock not a snap matchlock. A snap lock would cock and have a trigger that released a sear allowing the serpentine to fall onto the pan. This is the early, most basic style where the serpentine and trigger just pivot on a screw/post in the stock.
  4. Seth I.

    DUAL-caliber early matchlock!

    That is a wheellock rather than a matchlock. I've never seen anything like that sub-caliber insert for a muzzleloader, and I have my hands on hundreds if not thousands of muzzleloaders every year.
  5. Seth I.

    Please enlighten me on this beasty - English 12bore smooth rifle

    Its a very interesting looking gun. Sure looks like a modern restock of refinished antique components. Good quality work. It's not an elephant gun or a piece that would have massive recoil. It's a 12 gauge shotgun.
  6. Seth I.

    Guns of Outlander Season 6

    Final episode had a good mix of guns. The big house was stacked with muskets, a double barrel fowling piece/shotgun, pistols, etc.
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    Guns of Outlander Season 6

    Hang in there. I like the seasons in America a lot better than the European seasons.
  8. Seth I.

    Guns of Outlander Season 6

    Very cool. That has to be a difficult but very interesting job.
  9. Seth I.

    Guns of Outlander Season 6

    Very cool. I guess we were very spot on calling out a Kibler then. Are you the armorer for the series? If so, I applaud your work. The gunplay in the series is very good overall. Do you know the sources for Jamie's pistols?
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    Guns of Outlander Season 6

    We put together a fun video taking a quick look at some of the guns used in the current season of Outlander ahead of the season finale this weekend and discussing some better or more realistic options they could have chosen, including Brian's Kibler Colonial Rifle. There are definitely spoilers...
  11. Seth I.

    What is this percussion revolver?

    Lot of the English revolvers have the same basic look as the Adams, but the usual Adams revolvers are built with one-piece barrels, top straps, and frames. Given the amount of space behind the trigger and the popularity of double actions in the percussion era in England, it sure looks to be a...
  12. Seth I.

    What is this percussion revolver?

    I've generally seen similar revolvers referred to as English "Wedge Frame" revolvers. I would assume it has some Birmingham proofmarks.
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    anyone familiar with U.S.-made stainless Colt reproductions?

    Glen Marose of Missoula made a whole series of these. I've only seen a few of them personally. I know an entire set that covered Patersons through the early cartridge conversions was sold a few years back. I'm not sure when exactly he was making these. If I am remembering correctly, he made...
  14. Seth I.

    Unusual cased French pistols.

    Devisme also made/sold pairs like this, including some in this style but double barreled.
  15. Seth I.

    Well, so much for all period Gunsmiths being upstanding citizens.

    The Pennsylvania gunmaker was Nicholas Hawk (1782-1844). The counterfeiter "Hawkes" was busted in the 1740s if I recall correctly and was unrelated, but somehow their two stories got combined at some point.