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    Lubed Bullet Storage Box

    justfrank, I hit the Post Reply button too soon when I attached the link, so didn't get my comment in. I was thinking about using the 9mm box and cutting out dividers to combine four 9mm diameter holes into one .70 diameter hole.
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    Lubed Bullet Storage Box
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    How to Nap A Flint

    You knap them with a K. ;) (Sorry, I just had to.)
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    Flintlock Snobbery

    I was once calling turkeys while sitting with my back against a fallen tree. A nice Tom came in, but stopped right on the other side of that tree. I reached through the opening between the ground and the tree and grabbed it by the legs, but found out I couldn't do anything with it after that. I...
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    Pet Peeves

    People who denigrate others because they enjoy things like in-lines (I have two in-lines) or scopes on muzzleloaders (three of my 15 sidehammers wear scopes) or peep sights (most of my sidehammers wear peeps). Don't hate me because I'm happy. :cool:,
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    Where to start and usual good load in 58?

    The sweet spot for my 1:70 twist .58 caliber Green Mountain barrel is 105 grains GOEX FFFg.
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    Hatfield 50 Percussion

    My Hatfield .50 caplock is #385, and is 1:48 twist.
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    Hatfield 50 Percussion

    Did you notice that section on the bottom barrel flat right at the breech (just to the right of the proof marks in your picture) where the finish is removed. That's where the Hatfield company had the Pedersoli name removed. Here's a picture of the bottom barrel flat of my Hatfield .45...
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    Free From Your Local Roofer

    The mold is home made from an old piece of angle iron and a short section of galvanized water pipe. The ingots average about 1 ½ lbs.
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    SOLD .54 Caliber Lyman Great Plains Flintlock

    Yes it is DBaer. I just tested it for Corona Virus - it's OK. :thumb:
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    Legal Question Black Powder

    You can sell the collectable powder can with free powder inside.
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    Martignoni Percussion Caps?

    Yes they are.
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    Martignoni Percussion Caps?

    Never heard of them. But I suspect they will work fine on Italian made guns but won't fire on American made guns. :cool:
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    Reboring and safety

    Hoyt won't do it if it's not safe. Ask him about the NE barrel and trust his judgement