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    SOLD Philadelphia Derringer

    Is this gone?
  2. selvinman

    SOLD Philadelphia Derringer

    I have Paypal ready if above does not work out let me know!
  3. selvinman

    WANTED Underhammer Kit

    i recommend Jim at Deer Creek! He is good people; I have done business with him for several years.
  4. selvinman

    SOLD Project box

    If this doesn't work out put me down I will take it!
  5. selvinman

    SOLD 45 project pistol

    text your way!
  6. selvinman

    SOLD Starr Single Action Revolver (Original)

    That was a great buy! Sorry I didn't see it earlier!
  7. selvinman

    WANTED Palmetto Replica Whitney Navy .36 Cal.

    The title says it all. Does someone on the Forum have one they are willing to part with for less than arm and leg? Thank you for looking at my post. God bless!
  8. selvinman

    SOLD H&H bbl 50

    Thank you for the info. That is a great price for this barrel. It's too bad I've gotten too old to build. Good luck with your sale! God bless!
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    SOLD H&H bbl 50

    Measurement across the flats and length please?