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    Optics Planet

    Ok 1st, yes I know Optics Planet, has vary little if any Black Powder items. But they have a lot of bags, cases, cleaning jags and other general shooting items that bleed over into our Black Powder world. I have ordered from them for years and always been happy. But from what I can tell they...
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    Just a show of hands, how many make their own ammution?

    I have everything to start this winter (Time permitting) That said I have been dragging my feet on a lot of things this past year, so who knows if I will get started. :(
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    2020 How does your garden grow

    A real quick look at the Squash I was able to save. . . . . should play 🤞 https://video.parler.com/Bp/n6/Bpn6frPvRWRk_small.mp4
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    2020 How does your garden grow

    He sure did, 🐔chickens 🐔will be happy, 🐔It will be 🐔all theirs🐔 by the weekend. 🐔
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    2020 How does your garden grow

    The Weather Channel said a low of 38 Fahrenheit ( 3.889°C) last night. I think they were off Because. . . The whole garden looks like this! Everything you see was Green and growing this time yesterday 😩
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    Anyone hunt turkeys with a .32 caliber rifle?

    Colorado says everything .36 and up is ok :doh: at this point it is my pet peeve! This is a spinner that has been shot by .22s thousands of times by now at ranges from 20-50 yards. There are also some small dings from 15 yards .22 mag hits. Look what 20 grains of FFFG behind a .32 ball did...
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    How often do you run into other muzzle loader hunters?

    I've had game officers seem shocked. . .and they see hunters all day long as their job. So if they don't see muzzleloader small game hunters, their can't be many.
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    2020 How does your garden grow

    Getting to the end of the summer garden here. Thought I'd throw out some photos from the garden after a heavy harvest. I am loving these Hakurei turnips!! What a great raw flavor, like a mild radish but kind of succulent inside. I am guessing they won't store well because they are so juicy...
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    Is 15 grains of 3f goex enough powder

    Years ago I posted in "Hunting" My .32 with 20 grains of FFF (By Volume) plows the heads on jack rabbits and cotton tails, it also dented the heck out of a steel spinner that had been shot hundreds of times with .22s and 22 magnums without ever being dented. It's better than my eyes 😪 at 30-35...
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    2020 How does your garden grow

    I haven't grown Garlic. . . . . yet. I don't think of myself as using a lot, though we used a good bit canning.
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    2020 How does your garden grow

    Just made 18 pints of Salsa everything but garlic was from the garden ( tomatillos were frozen from last years)
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    2020 How does your garden grow

    I forgot about the pickled Peppers and Okra (I don't like either, probably why I forgot) There is quit a bit more that we made, but some has been eaten, some got stored without a photo and quite a bit I've given away. I bet we have canned just under 100 jars of food all out of the garden.
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    2020 How does your garden grow

    Ok I'm about ready for a frost, The Wife and I have canned Pickles, Marinara, Tomatoes with Okra, Pear Chutney & pickle relish About done with canning. . .I don't know how people in the past canned SO MUCH
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    Getting the beeswax.

    If you want to try this but don't have bees, talk to your local Honey guy about getting un-processed wax, the guy here said I could have a 5 Gallon bucket full of it for $10 while he wanted like $3.50 a pound for Processed wax. Processing seems strait forward but not something he liked vary...
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    It seems odd that I want a gully washer rain. . . but I do.

    Yeah Saturday the smoke was like heavy fog, one day we had tiny leaves (The whole leaf but burned to ash) fall in town. Everyone gets a sore throat, cough and a headache. . . and then you go to work where you are supposed to report if you have a cough, fever, or headache so they can send you...