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    Looking for a good book about knives
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    Soldier's cup or can?

    Eckert's books were extremely well researched. And in an age before computers: he visited and studied data from a lot of sources, and then turned it into easily readable information. Just page through the bibliography & notes at the rear of his books. In his book, That Dark and Bloody River...
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    Corduroy pants?

    IIRC corduroy was a lot wider and thicker cord than what we typically have available today.
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    Coalition of historical trekkers.

    PM sent Alamance Creek.
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    Coalition of historical trekkers.

    Please do. I talked with our Membership Director last night and he assured me he'd be mailing out info this week. Is there any specific trekking info you are looking for? Always happy to share what info I have.
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    Coalition of historical trekkers.

    Gentlemen, Perhaps I can assist: I've been the Treasurer of the CoHT since 2007. I'd be happy to share what I can with you and let both the Membership and Communications Directors of your issues. Feel free to send me a personal message, or email my home address at Sorry I...
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    Campfire Blowtube

    I hollowed out a sumac branch that I use. I had to paint an end of it so no one thinks it's firewood though!
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    Project blades, ???

    Ditto Black Hand's solid advice.
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    Rick & all- I hail from Norfolk (northeast part of state). Built my first frontloader (a percussion pistol) in high school shop class in mid-70s along with a walnut case/box to store it in. (Oh, how times have changed.)
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    Trousers AND leggings?

    I wear elkskin leggings over my trousers whenever out - stops all the nasty stickers and cacti we have here in Nebraska. And it keeps my white trousers clean too.
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    Non-trapper “Mountain Man?”

    The brigades also had camp tenders: men who cooked, skinned critters and generally cared for the camp while others were out collecting furs and game. (They were not often held in the highest regard by the others.)
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    Historical map

    Dixie Gun Works sells some maps too - not sure what they carry for stock.
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    Early 1800's Fork

    The older forks will be round where the handle attaches. Similar to a large two-tinned meat fork, but smaller with 3 or even 4 tines. If they are flat/stamped they are Mexican War era or later. Sorry I don't know how to post a picture. This site has them with fancy carved handles if you...
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    Early 1800's Fork

    Pretty sure those stamped forks and knives are 1850s on. Prior to the industrial revolution they were forged and still partially round/oval instead of flat.
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    Books on the trail

    I typically have a small King James Bible along.